Past President Andy Swann addressed the Board on the 2007 Legislative session and an review on bills submitted by the Association.

1)  Pay for all employees – Sworn employees were to receive $670.000 from the Pay parity Fund.  The Association lobbied to have $2 million added from the General Fund.  The Legislature restricted the General Fund money to increase Officer’s only.  Civilian pay was increased by 3% with .25% as performance pay.

2)  Retiree Heath Care – Rep. Konopnicki ran a bill to extend the rural subsidy.  Bill did not pass.  Sen. O”Halleran ran a bill and was signed by the Governor to extend the subsity to June 30, 2009.

3)  Dispatchers to CORP – Bill sponsored by Rep. McClure passed the House, but stalled in the Senate when the chairman of the Senate Retirement committee declined to have a hearing.

4)  ID Required for Registering Vehicles – Rep. Pearce sponsored a bill, passed the House, but never heard in the Senate.

5)  Industrial Injury Leave – Sen. O’Halleran sponsored a bill and signed into law.

6)  ASRS Retirement Contributions – Rep. McClure declined to allow a statutory cap.

7)  Tuition for DPS Employees – Sen. O’Halleran introduced a bill that would provide a tuition waiver scholarship.  Universities were opposed.  Bill passed our of the Senate Higer Ed committee, but no further.

8)  HOV Exemption for Emergency Vehicles – We agreed to support this bill, but no bill was introduced.

9)  DPS Badge – We agreed to support our Agency in certain areas of law pertaining to the DPS Badge.  We opposed any change in the wording on the Badge.  Rep. Miranda sponsored a bill allowed an officer to purchase his/her badge who promotes/retires or separates.  Bill also created a class 1 misdemeanor for unlawful use of a DPS badge.  Bill signed into law.

10)Prohibition of DVD players in view of drivers – Rep. Nelson & Sen. Gould sponsored bills which were never heard.

11)Prohibition of license plate covers – No sponsor or bill

12)Meet & Confer Fix – Sen. Gray sponsored a bill but later declined to hear it due to the inability of all parties to come to an agreement.

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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