“Our Dispatchers” is a poem by an unknown author dedicated to the hard work done by dispatchers and the invaluable part they play in law enforcement. AHPA wants our dispatchers to know that we also appreciate the hard work and dedication they put in everyday so we have reposted the poem here for all to see.

Our Dispatchers

Our dispatchers are our lifeline.
Without them we would be lost
If we did not have them
What would be the cost?

We would have no information
On the criminals we pursue.
And when we got into trouble,
Without them what would we do?

They’re our link to our nearest backup,
they get info on cars we have stopped.
Without them on the radio,
We wouldn’t be much of a cop.

They call out the fire trucks and medics,
And they deal with the walk ins and freaks.
And every other situation,
That through our front door peaks.

So the next time you push the button,
And into the mike you speak.
Just remember to appreciate the voice
On the other end, that’s there from week to week.

Our Dispatchers are our lifeline,
I know this to be true.
Cause I sure wouldn’t want to be out there,
Without one to protect us, the way that they do!

Author Unknown

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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