Police officers with the Gresham (OR) Police Department have a new officemate—a fished named Rocky.

“Sometimes we run across people that unfortunately can no longer care for their pet. When officers located this fish (now named Rocky), its tank was half full of garbage and cigarette butts,” the department said on its Facebook page. “It’s amazing that Rocky was still alive.”

Officer Tatro took Rocky into CB’s Tropical Aquarium to get help.

“The kind owner not only assisted in keeping Rocky alive, he also insisted on donating Rocky’s supplies,” the Facebook post said.

“We thought everyone should get a chance to see and meet Rocky, so he has found a new home at our Rockwood Office greeting citizens that come in. Feel free to stop by and say hi.”

Community members posted supportive comments on the good news.

“Great job everyone. Thank you Gresham officers for your service,” on person said.

When one individual inquired about when Rocky will get his own badge, the department commented back, “Great idea! Gonna have to work on that. Lol”


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