Author: American Military University

By PoliceOne Staff

PERRYSBURG, Ohio – A police chief is resigning days after an investigation found he misjudged his response to an officer-involved shooting of a gunman who had taken two people hostage.

Investigators found Perrysburg police Chief Daniel Paez pulled officers from the scene when they were needed to relieve officers who were “traumatized” by the August incident, without first consulting officials, The Blade reports.

Chief Paez led the department for more than nine years, starting with the Perrysburg Police Department in 1994.

Perrysburg Mayor Tom Mackin previously said he planned to review issues identified in a report on the investigation with the chief and city administrators and believed Paez could be disciplined following his review. The mayor now thinks the resignation is enough and he does not anticipate taking further action, according to the report.

Councilmembers have mixed thoughts on Paez’s decision. Some believe he should still be held accountable for his decision of pulling the officers. Others believe his resignation is sufficient.

His last day as chief is Jan. 8.

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