PRPRSCancer is a disease that has touched many lives, especially those in the law enforcement community.  From radar guns to Arizona’s scorching sun, police officers are faced with hazardous duty and the continued likelihood of encountering cancer.  The Arizona Police Association (APA) and the Arizona Highway Patrol Association (AHPA) worked hard in helping pass legislation that added law enforcement officers to the cancer insurance benefits for those in PSPRS.  The PSPRS Cancer Insurance Program pays out-of-pocket expenses related to cancer treatment, whether you are still working or retired.

Eligibility: All Covered Persons who are active or retired members of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (“System”) and serve (or have served) as fire fighters or peace officers and are/were regularly assigned to hazardous duty of the type normally expected of fire fighters or peace officer and who, prior to their membership in the System, have not been medically treated for or diagnosed as having a cancer prior to entering into this program, are eligible for reimbursement of the Covered Expenses referenced in this program, subject to the limitations, exclusions and restrictions otherwise stated in said Program. American Cancer Society Logo

According to the American Cancer Society, 37% of 2011 cancer related deaths could have been avoided.  Don’t be a statistic.  AHPA encourages you to see your doctor regularly.  Support groups are also available for you and your family through hospitals and other community outlets.

To find out more about this benefit, please go to or call 602-255-5575.  Your PSPRS representatives are:

Annette Jorgensen- x2024,

Stacey Alcott- x2013,

Graphic credit: American Cancer Society

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