Rep. Justin Pierce Running for Secretary of State

Rep. Justin Pierce Running for Secretary of State

Representative Justin Pierce is very close to getting the amount of $5 contributions he needs to receive Clean Elections funding for his campaign to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State.  AHPA needs to help support Representative Pierce and show that an endorsement by our organization means something.  It is not hard, does not take very much time and is a very inexpensive way that our members can show our support.  As you know, Representative Pierce has gone above and beyond to not only support law enforcement and AHPA, but to take the lead in communicating to his fellow members the importance of a strong DPS and law enforcement throughout Arizona.  Members have two choices in filling out the $5 contributions forms, they can fill out the form attached and mail it to the address listed on the form or go to the Secretary of State’s link below and use a credit or debit card for the $5 contribution.  The form can also be turned in at our meeting this Wednesday, May 21.  I strongly encourage our members to show our support of a legislator who truly showed his support of our organization in both words and actions.   Please share this with your family and friends.  We can all show our support and help Representative Pierce reach his goal.

My goal for AHPA is to have 100 contributions collected by Wednesday.

Thank you,


Click here to download PDF of Justin Pierce Clean Elections Campaign Form

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