Box-We are DPSOn the night of April 8, the Legislature passed a $9.23 billion state budget for fiscal year 2015, $426.4 million greater than last year’s budget.  Governor Brewer signed this budget on Friday, April 11.  Three weeks after the Senate introduced its budget proposal, the final budget package includes compromises in the areas of education funding, universities, and child protective services.


The highlight of the budget for DPS employees is the approval of $3.3 million for DPS employee pay.  This is a one-time increase effective during Fiscal Year 2015.  While this may be considered not much, this is something employees have not seen in a long time.


AHPA worked hard during the legislative session on the issue of pay for DPS employees.  In the end, working with Representative Justin Pierce, we were able to secure funding in the approved budget.  Our work will continue as the state will have a new administration in the Governor’s office and several new legislators.  Competitive pay for DPS employees will continue to be on the legislative forefront of AHPA.


Thanks to AHPA Lobbyist, Kelsey Lundy for her hard work on this issue.  Members of AHPA know that we have the best representing our interests at the capitol.

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