DPS ClockThis is an enlarged photo of an authentic, Arizona DPS shoulder patch.  It is adhered to ¾” plywood, with dark stain, and laminated with a bar top, scratch resistant, high gloss Kraft Kote resin.  This actually looks like a large laminated patch.  It has gold colored numbers with a Takane Mini Quartz movement (AA battery not included).  It measures 11″ wide and 13” tall.  I became a Trooper in 1988 and have been making these since 1989 for Troopers, Sheriffs, local PD’s, Fire Dept’s, Military, etc. and they are individually numbered.  I have searched the web and I am the only one making these which means they could be considered a collector’s item. The cost is $40 plus $13 shipping.  Attach a nameplate like the one shown or I can make one and apply the resin over it at no extra charge.  This would be the most admired graduation, promotion, or retirement gift, and it is history.  Your grandchildren could display this for years.


Want to see more?  Go to eBay and search:  “State Police Clocks”.  At least go there and check out the reviews.  If you are interested, please, I would prefer dealing via email rather than eBay. It is more personal and I promise I will not bug you.  eBay and PayPal fees are  about $7 per clock.  I would like to keep my prices down, and I will take checks.


Finally; I retired in Feb. 2014, so now it is up to you to keep me at home in the workshop.  Why do you need this clock?  Troopers are proud of their organization and what their patch stands for, so let us fly our colors and represent.  The best part about your clock:  It is handmade specifically for you by a fellow Trooper, not a factory or from some foreign country.  Interested?  Send me an email and we can chat.  Let’s get this in your office or man cave.  WOW, almost forgot, big plus: (the spouse likes them too……….. it tells time.)

Thank You and Stay Safe

Dave Preble, Maine State Trooper (Retired) – Delberp@msn.com

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