AHPA LogoRecent events in Ferguson, New York City, as well as Phoenix, have sparked a wave of anti-police sentiment from political leaders, community activists and citizens.  Mainstream and social media outlets have only added to this increased bias against law enforcement.  It is up to us, the law enforcement community, to remain professional, as we consistently do.

As the “anti-cop” movement continues to grow, we need to remain vigilant at all times, and to be ready for any threat.  The ambush murder of two New York City Police Officers shows that hatred for law enforcement is growing at an alarming rate.  What citizens must be aware of is that those of us working for the Arizona Department of Public Safety will always live up to our motto of “Courteous Vigilance.”   DPS Officers have, and always will, enforce Arizona laws without prejudice and will strive to protect our state and country.

Stay alert and never compromise your position and professionalism!

AHPA Executive Board


NTC Letter: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF: NTC Hodapp statement on LEO violence

NTC Hodapp statement on LEO violence



AHPA received this nice email in supporting our members:
This is a very well written and read letter. As a retired police Officer of 28 yea! rs I have
always said it was one of the most {thankless} job’s a person can get…however, I loved every minute of it…May God keep all Police Officers from harm in the up coming year of
2015… The American Soldiers and American Police Officers need’s all of our prayers…

Thanks for being there for us, law-biding citizens… Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

Dr. Harry Thacker, Evangelist/Pastor
Retired Army 22 years.


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