Amanda AguirreAZ Highway Patrol Association Endorses Amanda Aguirre (D) for Congress

PHOENIX, AZ—Congressional Candidate Sen. Amanda Aguirre was endorsed by the Arizona Highway Patrol Association (AHPA) today.  Sen. Aguirre is a Democrat running in District 3 for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The AHPA is proud to endorse former State Senator Amanda Aguirre who spent eight years in the State Legislature working to bring resources to the law enforcement community.

Mr. Jimmy Chavez, President of the AHPA, remarked, “Senator Aguirre has always been a strong supporter of the highway patrol and the Department of Public Safety.  Arizona needs a Congresswoman like Aguirre who is willing to fight for the issues that help our officers and their families.”

Upon receiving news of the AHPA endorsement, Sen. Aguirre commented, “I am honored to have the support of our law enforcement community, namely the AHPA.  We worked together in the State Legislature to advocate for public safety and to bring much needed resources to Arizona.”

Former State Senator Amanda Aguirre served in the State House of Representatives for four years and in the State Senate for four years.  Appointed by Governor Napolitano, Sen. Aguirre served on the Arizona Homeland Security Council for seven years, during which time she oversaw the distribution of federal funds to emergency responders throughout the state.


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