WalmartThanks to AHPA member, Bryan Jackson, a Volunteerism Always Pays “VAP” grant was recently awarded to ARIZONA HIGHWAY PATROL ASSOCIATION CHARITIES. The VAP program awarded a $250 grant when an associate, like Bryan, volunteers at least 25 hours with an eligible organization. A check for $250 was issued on 07/19/2012 to AHPA Charities!  Our organization can carry-out meaningful contributions to our community due to dedicated members, like Bryan!

About Bryan Jackson:

Associate Name: BRYAN JACKSON
Hours Volunteered: 101
Volunteer Activity Summary: My duties as a volunteer here are to help the Firearms Instructors for the Arizona Department of Public Safety with the instruction and safety of Highway Patrol Officers in a shooting environment. I also help transport weapons and ammunition throughout the State of Arizona and set up training aids for use in Officer Training. When not at the range or in training, I volunteer in the Armory, making sure paperwork is up to date and repairing, cleaning and exchanging broken weapons. I also track serial numbers of the Tasers all around the State of Arizona, making sure the correct officers have the correct tasers and the proper equipment to keep them working their best.

Volunteerism Always Pays

Walmart associates have volunteered more than 7 million hours.  The company encourages all of their associates (employees) to get involved in charitable organizations that matter to their families and the communities where they live and work. Their Volunteerism Always Pays (VAP) programs, VAP and Event VAP, help associates volunteer on their own or with a group of associates interested in the same cause. Organizations that benefit from their VAP program include food pantries and educational facilities.

When they volunteer, Walmart’s there with them

Through VAP, associates may request charitable contributions on behalf of eligible organizations where they volunteer. In 2009, the more than 1.5 million volunteer hours reported by Walmart associates translated to more than $11 million in grant contributions.

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