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Dear District 18 residents,

Public safety is not a partisan issue, as it is the most important function of government. Few elected officials understand this better than Representative Bob Robson, Representative Jeff Dial and Senator John McComish.

I work with the dedicated and professional men and women of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  I, like many DPS employees, chose the profession of law enforcement for one primary ambition – to serve the citizens of Arizona. I have seen firsthand what criminal elements can and will do to harm our loved-ones. Arizonans have had proactive, engaged officers to help decrease crime. Officers are honored to give everyone a peace of mind that we will be there to help them when needed.

Public safety has always received support and open communication from our District 18 elected officials. As state lawmakers, they went to bat for us time after time to make sure public safety was properly funded, even in lean budget years. This session, Representative Robson sponsored and Representative Dial and Senator McComish co-sponsored an important bill that will create less red tape for a fallen officer’s family to receive health benefits. Families can be emotionally distraught and financially impacted after the loss of their hero.  Robson, Dial and McComish understand that an officer’s family should not be forgotten.  This bill was successful and signed into law by Governor Brewer on April 5th, 2013.

Our members stand behind Representative Bob Robson, Representative Jeff Dial and Senator John McComish because they stand behind law enforcement. The citizens in District 18 should be proud to have legislators that understand the value of public safety.


Sgt. Bob Gilbert

Arizona Highway Patrol Association Vice President

District 18 resident



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