Lundy HB 2303

AHPA Lobbyist Testifying on Behalf Of AHPA Members

After hard work from our lobbyist, Kelsey Lundy, President Jimmy Chavez and many civilian members, AHPA is happy to report that H.B. 2303 was signed into law by Governor Janice Brewer May 8th, 2013. The law now expands overtime for law enforcement personnel that directly assist police officers. Read more about the new law and its history here: H.B. 2303

AHPA thanks Representative Eddie Farnsworth for sponsoring the bill and Governor Janice Brewer for signing into law a bill. Everyone who supported H.B. 2303 recognizes that many DPS employees help protect our communities and should be compensated for their hard work. Go to our website for history and videos regarding H.B. 2303.


Read AHPA’s legislative salary update from May 21, 2013 HERE

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