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With budget negotiations appearing to move forward, AHPA is making sure the agency receives adequate appropriation for the increased employer contributions into the retirement system.  The agency will need $6.3 million in the next fiscal year to account for those increases.  If not fully funded, the agency would likely have to impose a hiring freeze as well as hold back on equipment replacement purchase.  The latest proposal from the Senate included the total amount which was certainly good news.

Pay is still an issue for us but we are having a difficult time in making any progress.  With the Governor’s priority of Medicaid expansion, there has been essentially no talk of a compensation plan in current budget discussions.  Despite this appearance of public safety being a lessor priority, AHPA will continue to work with our legislative allies on the issue of pay.  It does surprise me that many in government do not understand management theory which states while money is not the prime motivator for good job performance it is a demotivator.  According to Peter Drucker (business management expert): “Financial rewards and incentives are, of course, important, but they work largely negatively.  Discontent with financial rewards is a powerful disincentive, undermining and corroding responsibility for performance.”   At DPS we are all dedicated professionals providing public safety.  However, our government leadership is missing the current and future impact of ignoring pay inequities for DPS employees. With your help, AHPA diligently works to remind government leadership of the need to think and act with the future of public safety for Arizona as a priority.

With the cancellation of the May meeting, the next AHPA meeting will be held on June 19th.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact your District Representative.


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