SinemaDear Kyrsten,

As an elected official who has always had an open door policy for the frontline police officers and civilians that serve the public, the Arizona Highway Patrol Association understands the importance of that longstanding relationship.  When our nation is losing police officers at record rates, law enforcement needs to speak one-on-one with our elected officials.  Some Arizona politicians (state and congressional) voted against funding for law enforcement, including investing for more police officers, equipment and benefits.  However, over the years, you have kept your promises to our membership.  You have always supported DPS employees and helped provide adequate tools to accomplish our duties.

Congressional District Nine needs a policymaker, like you, to protect public safety.  As someone who understands law enforcement is government’s core responsibility, we have witnessed your strong support for our mission over the years.

The Arizona Highway Patrol Association is proud to endorse Kyrsten Sinema for U.S. Congress in the Democratic Primary for Congressional District 9.


Jimmy Chavez, President


For more information on Kyrsten, go to her website:

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