No on Prop 487Many of you have been hearing about the proposed pension reform and upcoming vote in the City of Phoenix, Prop 487. Early voting ballots were sent out yesterday, October 9th. The AHPA and Arizona Police Association is encouraging you and your family and friends that live in Phoenix to vote NO on Prop 487.


There has been much propaganda on this “pension reform” proposition, stating it will not affect Phoenix police officer and firefighter pensions.  The specific language within the proposition is ambiguous and leaves open the opportunity for the city of Phoenix to move public safety employees out of PSPRS, which would be a significant negative impact to the system.


In short, this is a dangerous proposition that needs to be defeated.  All public safety organizations across the state have banded together to oppose this proposition, supporting Phoenix police and firefighter associations.


Please share this information with your fellow Phoenix residents.


Please go to the Phoenix Law Enforcement website at ( or for more information.


Jimmy Chavez



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