A gunman rolled down a car window early Monday morning and shot at a deputy numerous times, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

The shooting was reported shortly after 2:30 a.m., Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jeff Williamson said.

A deputy who was driving an unmarked patrol truck was following a Honda Accord that investigators considered suspicious because it had been spotted multiple times throughout the morning, Williamson said.

Investigators said the vehicle’s driver’s side window was lowered and a gunman shot at the deputy, hitting the truck six to seven times.

The deputy got out of the vehicle to take cover, Williamson said. Backup deputies were already on their way to the scene before the gunfire, he said.

Deputies said the driver fled to nearby Ridgewood Park Elementary School, where the vehicle was ditched. They said a juvenile was captured after falling down and a second person was taken into custody.

Investigators said two others ran away from the vehicle and remain at large. As many as 30 deputies searched for the pair, who are considered armed and dangerous, officials told WFTV.


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