Police in a number of Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area cities are taking a new approach when stopping motorists for driving with nonworking headlights, taillights, or turn signals. Instead of tickets, they are handing out vouchers allowing the driver to get them fixed for free, reports the Star Tribune.

Through a program called “LightsOn!” officers in 16 communities have the option of giving drivers a voucher, which allows them to take their vehicle to one of the eight Bobby and Steve’s Auto World locations in the metro area and get new lights put in. In some cases, officers may issue a citation and give the driver a voucher.

The vouchers are meant to help low-income drivers keep their vehicles safe and in proper working order, but there is no qualifying criteria drivers have to meet to get them. Officers make their best judgment in determining if a driver can’t afford the cost of the repair.

The cost of the repairs are covered through a grant from MicroGrants, a Minnesota nonprofit that works to promote and support economic self-sufficiency, and Bobby and Steve’s Auto World.



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