By PoliceOne Staff

NORTH ATTLEBORO, Mass. — A three-year-old boy who suffers from congenital heart disease became an honorary officer this week.

The North Attleboro and Randolph Police Departments teamed up to make Mikey Grover’s dream of becoming an officer a reality, CBS Boston reports.

“He sees a police car and says, ‘police man’ before he could say Mama,” Mikey’s dad Thomas Grover told the local news station. “It was ‘police man, police man.’ It was funny.”

When Officer Kevin Gilbert of the Randolph department heard about Mikey, he wanted to do something special.

”I just want him to remember everyone in this room has his back,” Officer Gilbert said. “If he ever needs anything, he can now call us.”

Mikey had an 85 percent chance of not living past one year. He’s turning four on April 15. He also suffers from a rare birth defect that affects his heart and major organs and is preparing for his third open heart surgery soon.

After being sworn in as an officer, Mikey received a badge, a new uniform and was allowed to handcuff a bad guy and place him in a holding cell.

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