The March 2010 Board of Directors & AHPA Charities Meeting was called to order at 0900 hours by President Jimmy Chavez at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve & Conference center located at 1431 East Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona.  President Chavez began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President                         Jimmy Chavez

Executive Officer &

Asst. Treasurer                   Pat Eagan

D-1 (Proxy)                       Mark Haughey

D-2 & Northern Vice

President                         Mark Haughey

D-3 & Recording Secretary         Jim Bee

D-4                               Ed Simpson

D-5                               Tim Kvochick

D-7                               Raul Garcia Jr

D-8 & Southern Vice President     Kevin McNichols

D-9 (Proxy)                       Kevin McNichols

D-11                              Bert Cheney

D-12 (Proxy)                      Mark Haughey

D-13 (Metro East)                 Bill Rogers

D-14 (Metro West)(Proxy)          Tim Kvochick

D-15                              Matt Rosemeyer

D-16                              Tom Hash

Northern & Western Air Rescue     Mike Strohmeyer

Executive Vice President

& OCI                             Bob Gilbert

OCN II                            Jim Oien

Civilian Northern Zone (Proxy)    Mark Haughey

Civilian Central Zone I

& Crime Lab                       Mike Sloneker

Civilian Zone II                  Vickie Williams

Civilian Zone III                 JoAnne Kurgan

Civilian Southern Zone            Lisa Campoy

Retired Central (Proxy)           J.R. Ham

Retired Southern Zone             J.R. Ham

Retired Civilian                  Betty Gallery

Treasurer                         Dave Schroder

Special Projects-Benefits/

Charities Liaison                 Beverly Fuller


Executive Secretary               Colleen Girard

Legal Counsel                     Greg Robinson

Lobbyist                          Kelsey Lundy

Public Consultant                 Stacey Dillan

Legal Services                    Dale Norris

Financial Advisor                 Jeffrey Munster

Thomas Jonovich


Greg Girard             Frank Torres. Brian Moore

Lt. Col. Jeff Stanhepe  Bill Kennedy

Ed Wren                 Rich Alvarez

Hiram “Ernie” Renfro    Andy Swann

Bernie Mesa             Tom Olszak

Bob Smart               David Leech


George Nellis           Georgia Strahan

Francisco Torres        Lorena Garcia

Jenni Chavez


Flowers – Allan G. Erickson

Thank You Letters – None

Cards – A. Jacobs




Annie M. Blunk, Badge 1022

Kenneth E. Contreras, Badge 4286


Sworn: None

Civilian: None


Bob Logan

Tommy Logan



Officer Ken Henscheid

Gregg Girard was hospitalized with his right ling collapsed

Carroll Pennington wife Faye has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  She has been placed in Hospice.


Retiree Allan G. Erickson, Badge 2180, passed away on March 11th.

The mother of xxxxxx McKinsey passed away.


This year 41 Police Officers have died in the line of duty.   This is 19 more than this time last year.  Fourteen Officers have died since the last meeting:

Nine were killed by gunfire (one was accidental).

Two were killed in vehicle collisions.

One was killed by a heart attack.

One was killed after being struck by a train.

One was killed during a vehicle pursuit

Nine were from Municipal Agencies

Four were from County Agencies

One was from a Federal Agency, United States Dept. of Agriculture, and Forest Service Law Enforcement.

All fourteen were male

  • 1) Police Officer Robert (Bob) Heinle

Missoula P.D., Montana

Age 47     Years of Service – 7

Killed Friday, February 12, 2010


  • 2) Lieutenant Michael Vogt

Chattahoochee Hills, P.D., Georgia

Age 56   Years of Service – 30

Killed Monday, February 15, 2010


  • 3) Police Officer Kevin B. Wilkinsandler

Atlantic City P.D., New Jersey

Age 31     Years of Service – 2

Killed Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gunfire (Accidental)

4) Sergeant Alan J. Haymaker

Chicago P.D., Illinois

Age 56  Years of Service – 21

Killed Monday, February 22, 2010

Automobile Collision

5) Deputy Sheriff Joel Wahlenmaier

Fresno County Sheriff’s Dept., California

Age 48   Years of Service – 12

Killed Thursday, February 25, 2010


6) Deputy Sheriff Ken Collier

San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept., California

Age 39  Years of Service – 12

Killed Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vehicle Pursuit

7) Police Officer Javier Bejar

Reedley P.D., California

Age 28   Years of Service – 5

Killed Monday, March 1, 2010


8) Inspector Brian C. Waynant Sr.

Wilmington Fire Marshal’s Office, Delaware

Age 45  Years of Service – 20

Killed Monday, March 1, 2010

Struck by Train

9) Officer Christopher Arby Upton

United States Dept. of Agriculture-

Forest Service Law Enforcement & Investigations

Age 37   Years of Service – 4

Killed Friday, March 5, 2010


10) Corporal J.R. Searcy

Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana

Age 33  Years of Service – 8

Killed Saturday, March 6, 2010


11) Police Officer James Bonneau

Jackson P.D., Michigan

Age 26    Years of Service – 2

Killed Tuesday, March 9, 2010


12) Private First Class Thomas P. (Tom) Jensen

Prince George’s County P.D., Maryland

Age 27     Years of Service – 5 years, 6 months

Killed Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Automobile Collision

13) Police Officer Thomas Patton II

Cleveland Heights, P.D., Ohio

Age 30     Years of Service – 7

Killed Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heart Attack

14) Patrolman James Kerstetter

Elria P.D., Ohio

Age N/A     Years of Service – 15

Killed Monday, March 15, 2010


President Jimmy Chavez commented on the death of Officer Kevin B. Wilkins.  Officer Wilkins was killed by an accidental shooting while he was attempting to install a rubber grip on his service pistol.  Officer Wilkins had removed the magazine from his pistol but had neglected to remove the round from the chamber.  As he was installing the grip, the weapon discharged and he was struck in the face.  President Chavez asked that everyone remember weapon safety when they were performing maintence on their firearms.

For more information on these officers, refer to www.odmp

[Officer Down Memorial Page])


GUEST SPEAKER: George Nellis

Mr. Nellis presented to the Association 28 lighted United States Flags that he had made to be placed on each Officer roadside memorial.


Motion was made by Dave Schroder, seconded by Mark Haughey to accept the consent agenda.  Tom Hash was seated as the new District 16 rep.  Motion carried.

GUEST SPEAKER: Officer Robert Bailey

Officer Bailey from the Department’s PIO unit presented to the Board a rundown on the list of repairs needed on the Public Display Equipment/Specialty Equipment:

  • a) 1992 Chevrolet Camaro (total estimate $1661.71)
  • 1) Wheels & tires
  • 2) Fuel pump & regulator
  • 3) Fuel system & injectors service
  • 4) Engine hood & lift gate struts
  • 5) Complete tune up

b) 1992 Ford Mustang     (total estimate $270.00)

1) Three new tires

c) 1972 Mercury Monterey     (total estimate $364.00 +)

1) Radiator

2) Front seat re-upholstered (cost unknown)

d) Roll-over Randy

1)  New Dummies

e) Tow hitch     (total estimate $150.00 – 200.00)


Dale Norris reported on the following activities:

  • 1) Members:
  • a. One request for assistance for LEMSC hearing reference fitness for duty evaluation.
  • b. Attended one LEMSC meeting
  • c. One Estate planning
  • d. Thirteen wills pending
  • e. Working on re-writing policy on legal services

offered to active & retiree members.  Retirees have

personnel legal services but not before Merit



  • 1) Special session has ended; Legislative has passed the 2010 & 2011 budgets.
  • 2) Based upon the passing of the 1 cent sales tax.
  • 3) Elevation of the First-Things-First program. Funds will go into State General Funds.
  • 4) Elimation of the Land Convation program. Funds will go into sate General Fund.
  • 5) Dept. of Juvenile Corrections was given a one year stay.
  • 6) Pay Cuts
  • a) State employees will lose 2.75% performance pay
  • b) 13 furlough days (1 day this fiscal year, 6 days for each fiscal year 2011 & 2012). Department can ask DOA for exception. If granted the employees of that agency will only lose the performance pay. Request has to be in by April 16th.
  • 7) Triggers are built into the budget if prop 100 (1c tax)

does not pass.

  • 8) If prop 101 does not pass Department is looking at $11.5 million budget cut.
  • 9) HB 2062- Aggravated Assault-Peace Officers
  • 10) HB 2296 – Surviving spouses health insurance premiums
  • 11) Carve-out health insurance – looking at attaching to a striker bill. There are 4 striker bills at this time.

EXECUTIVE STAFF: Lt. Col. Stanhepe

  • 1) Special Duty Assignments (SDA) – being looked at
  • 2) Replacements on 4wd patrol vehicles – justification will have to be done to justify cost.


President Chavez presented 20-year rings to the following members:

Richard Alvarez, Badge #4009     Frank Torrez, Badge #4195

Bernie Mesa, badge #4266         David Leech, Badge #4292

Dave Schroder presented 20-year rings to the following members:

Bob Smart, Badge #4014           Ernie Renfro, badge #4091

Andy Swann presented Jimmy Chavez his 20-year ring


General Checking:                $  174,652.96

Savings:                         $   56,906.93

Merchandise:                     $    8,882.10

Bass:                            $    1,767.18

Rodeo:                           $   14,743.62

Golf:                            $   19,324.48

Raffle:                          $   25,190.26

Charities:                       $   22,411.60

PAC                              $   15,952.94

Heber – AHPA Cabin               $    2,210.86

Merrill Lynch                    $  418,414.00

Monument Account                 $   10,928.00

Snedaker Account (Originally)    $   40,084.00

(Remaining)     $   16,467.24

Funding Requests (Budgeted)      $    5,000.00


July 2009                               313.00

August                                1,200.00

September                               150.00

October                                 110.00

November                                500.00

December                                650.00

January                                 950.00

February                                275.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $   852.00

Sick & Distressed (Budgeted)     $    4,000.00


July 2009                                 0.00

August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                304.15

January                                   0.00

February                                  0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $ 3,695.85

Donations –

$   10.00 –   from Don & Margie Huard, from Prescott for Code 34, turned in by Nate


$     5.00  –   from Code 34 driver Jack Edmons, Badge #5850 for unknown C-34 assist.

$   20.00 –   from James D. Robb of Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Lansing MI.

Sgt. Gary Phelps, Badge #4001 changed a flat tire.

$ 200.00 –    from Elaine M. Clarke, Carthage NY.  In memory of Jerry Douglas Mitchell,

Badge #96.

LEGAL REPORT: Greg Robinson

Greg reported on two issues:

  • 1) Received one letter from Brian Van Dusen reference outstanding loan.
  • 2) Represented David Felix at LEMSC hearing. Lt. Felix was restated with back pay.


  • 1) Several brobures were given approval by the Executive Board, have been sent out to be published.
  • 2) Texting & Driving bill was defeated
  • 3) Spring Break Media
  • a) Giving safety tips on Mexico
  • 4) Media requests on prescription drugs
  • 5) KTAR did a story on our employees doing secondary jobs due to the budget.
  • 6) Looking at possible use of billboards on prop 101
  • 7) Met with Flagstaff media groups about the Association
  • 8) Will meet next week in Tucson media groups about the Association.
  • 9) Receiving requests on Bob Martin story
  • 10) Assisting with the Associations Officer Memorial Day
  • a. possible music entertainment
  • b. looking into video taping ceremony for future media requests


District 7 – Raul Garcia Jr

  • 1) 6 new Honda motors ordered
  • 2) 6th Motor Sgt. position filed
  • 3) Had 10 officers start motor school, 7 are left
  • 4) Dept. Officer memorial ceremony will be held May 3rd at 0900 at the main headquarters building.
  • 5) State wide cemonary will be held that night

Civilian Southern Zone – Lisa Campoy

  • 1) Rodeo will be held 2nd week in November.



Raul Garcia Jr, made a motion to have the remainder of two outstanding loans given to one of our members be written off due to hardships.  2nd by Mike Strohmeyer.  Motion failed.

Dave Schroder made a motion to extend the time period on the two loans for 6 months.  2nd by Vicki Williams.  Motion Carried.

Motion was made by Tim Kvochick to have anyone requested to obtain a loan from the Association to have a meeting with Tom Jonvoich.  Motion carried.

Dave Schroder advised the Board that JoAnne Kurgan will assume the position of assistant treasurer.  Position had been held by Pat Eagan.

President Chavez requested from the Board feedback on a draft policy concerning the Use of portable electronic devices in patrol vehicles.

Mike Strohmeyer made a motion to have George Nellis be given a lifetime membership.  2nd by Lisa Campoy.  Motion Carried.


Motion to adjourn by Dave Schroder, seconded by Mark Haughey.  MOTION CARRIED.


Next meeting will be held on April 21, 2010, at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve &  Reception Center located at 1431 East Dunlap.  Meeting will start at 0900 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Bee, Recording Secretary

Article written by/or information provided by Jim Bee

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