Worcester, MA, police are investigating a violent stabbing incident on Monday that put a 16-year-old male in critical condition. The victim’s injuries were so severe that an officer was tasked with driving the ambulance while EMTs kept him in stable condition on the way to the hospital, police said.

Near Crompton Park around 5:00 p.m., officers noticed a crowd gathering and saw two males run to a car and drive off. At the scene, they witnessed a 16-year-old victim bleeding heavily from a serious stab wound to his lower back, reports Mass Live.

The officer drove the ambulance so EMTs could tend to the victim during transport. He was immediately taken into emergency surgery after arriving at the hospital. Police said he was in critical condition when he arrived but is believed to have been stabilized.

Officers shifted their attention to the suspect’s vehicle and alerted all surrounding units to keep an eye out for the blue Honda.

The suspect vehicle was spotted and then finally stopped, and 17-year-old males were put under arrest.


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