Today’s signing of SB 1235 into law by Governor Jan Brewer signaled a new day for law enforcement officers throughout the state.  A late amendment to this bill provides that a law enforcement officer from municipalities can be protected under the state’s whistleblower law from disciplinary action by their department or city personnel director should they disclose information related to a violation of law or a gross waste of money or an abuse of authority by their employer.

In the past reporting such incidents could land the employee in serious hot water and could subject the employee to disciplinary action by the employer.  With the signing of this bill officers who make such a report and who are subsequently disciplined by their employer make seek redress through their city or town personnel board. 

This amendment was sought by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) due to recent actions by City of Phoenix Police management personnel against members of their association who were targeted by retaliation for disclosing bad business practices.

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