The June 2010 Board of Directors & AHPA Charities Meeting was called to order at 1000 hours by President Jimmy Chavez at the Prescott resort located in Prescott, Arizona. President Chavez began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President –                     Jimmy Chavez

Executive Officer               Pat Eagan

District One                    Dave Stopke

District Two & Northern Vice

President                        Mark Haughey

District Three & Recording

Secretary (Proxy)               Mark Haughey

District Five (Metro Central)   Tim Kvochick

District Seven                  Raul Garcia Jr

District Eight (Proxy)          Kevin McNichols                            H. Brian Moore

Southern Vice President         Kevin McNichols

District Nine Proxy)            Kevin McNichols

District Eleven                 Bert Cheney

District Twelve (Proxy)         Kevin McNichols

District Thirteen (Metro East)  Bill Rogers

District Fourteen(Metro West)

(Proxy)                         Tim Kvochick

District Fifteen                     Matt Rosemeyer

District Sixteen                     John Smith

Executive Vice President

& OCN I                         Bob Gilbert

OCN II (Proxy)                  Kevin McNichols

Civilian Northern Zone          Rebecca Smith

Civilian Zone II                Vickie Williams

Civilian Zone III

& Asst. Treasurer               JoAnne Kurgan

Civilian Southern Zone (Proxy)   Kevin McNichols

Retired Civilian                Betty Gallery

Treasurer                       Dave Schroder


Executive Secretary             Colleen Girard

Legal Counsel                   Greg Robinson

Public Relations                Stacey Dillon

Legal Services                  Dale Norris


Janet Blackburn            Gregg Girard

Jim Eaves                  Frank Shankwitz

John Christie


Paul Dinerman        Lani Rogers

Andy Tobin            Steve Campbell

Lorena Garcia


Flowers – Doug Walters

Phoenix P.D. Officer Travis P. Murphy

Thank You Letters – M.R.S.  Football Program

Cards – None


James K. Wood, Badge #6336



Russ Jones, Badge #2819

Gail McBride, Badge #3275

Eric Ickes, Badge #3649

Thomas Woodward, Badge #4017


Sworn: None

Civilian: None




Retired Officer Doug Walters, Badge #308 passed away on May 25th.

Mr. Edward Boyd, father of Rebecca Smith, Flag OpComm passed away

On June 5th.


This year 72 Police Officers have died in the line of duty. This is fourteen more than the same time last year. Eleven have died since the last meeting:

Five were killed by gunfire.

Three were killed in vehicle collisions.

One was killed during a vehicle pursuit

One was killed after being struck by a vehicle.

One was killed due to drowning.

Five were from Municipal Agencies.

One was from a County Agency.

Three were from State Agencies (California Highway Patrol, New Jersey State Police & Maryland State Police).

Two were from Federal Agencies (United States Dept. of Interior – Bureau of Indian Affairs & Homeland Security – Border Patrol.)

All eleven were male

  • 1) Police Officer Eydelmen Mani

Houston P.D., Texas

Age 30    Years of Service – 7

Killed Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Automobile Collision

  • 2) Police Officer Thomas E. Wortham IV

Chicago P.D., Illinois

Age 30   Years of Service – 2 years, 11 months

Killed Thursday, May 20, 2010


  • 3) Police Officer Bill Evans

West Memphis P.D., Arkansas

Age 38     Years of Service – 9

Killed Thursday, May 20, 2010


4) Sergeant Brandon Paudert

West Memphis P.D., Arkansas

Age 39     Years of Service – 7

Killed Thursday, May 20, 2010


5) Border Patrol Agent Mark Van Doren

United States Dept. of Homeland Security

Customs & Border Protection, Border Patrol

Age 40   Years of Service – 1 year, 6 months

Killed Monday, May 24, 2010

Automobile Collision

6) Police Officer Travis P. Murphy

Phoenix P.D., Arizona

Age 29     Years of Service – 4 years, 6 months

Killed Wednesday, May 26, 2010


7) Trooper Marc Castellano

New Jersey State Police

Age 29   Years of Service – 6

Killed Sunday, June 6, 2010

Struck by Vehicle

8) Police Officer Joshua Yazzie

United States Dept. of the Interior

Bureau of Indian Affairs, Division of Law Enforcement

Age 33     Years of Service – N/A

Killed Monday, June 7, 2010

Automobile Collision

9) Deputy Sheriff Eddie Wotipka

Harris County Sheriff’s Dept., Texas

Age 51     Years of Service – 17

Killed Thursday, June 10, 2010


10) Officer Thomas Philip Coleman

California Highway Patrol

Age 33    Years of Service – 7 years, 8 months

Killed Friday, June 11, 2010

Vehicle Pursuit

11) Trooper First Class Wesley Brown

Maryland State Police

Age 24     Years of Service – 3

Killed Friday, June 11, 2010


For more information on these officers, refer to www.odmp

[Officer Down Memorial Page])



Motion was made by Dave Schroder, seconded by Bill Rogers to accept the consent agenda.  Motion carried.

GUEST SPEAKER: Rep. Lucy Mason

Spoke to the Board about the budget.  40% of the budget is left after education.  Has served 8 years and will be termed out.

GUEST SPEAKER: Rep. Andy Tobin

Helped pass the Shuhandler bill which increased the penalty for assault on police officers.  Stated that having President Chavez down at the legislative is a great help.

Budget – a. Prop 100 is a short term fix.

b. Only there for 36 months.

c. Amount could be ¾ $Billion by December.

d. Public sees that we need help with the budget.

e. Need to have good policies in getting businesses to

start hiring.

GUEST SPEAKER: Sec. of State Ken Bennett

Mr. Bennett gave the Board a breakdown on the State budget:

General Fund – $ 10.5 billion (from sales & income tax)

$5   billion goes to K-12 education

$1   billion goes to higher education

$1   billion goes to law enforcement, courts, & prisons.

$2.5 billion goes to health & welfare

$.5 billion other state agencies

Other Funds – From local taxes & fees on other industries

$1   billion goes to transportation (fuel tax, license


$1   billion goes to health & welfare (tobacco &

alcohol taxes)

$.5 billion goes to higher education

$.5 billion other costs

$4.0 billion education (property tax, clean

elections, bonds, etc)

Federal Funds –

$2   billion goes to special Ed & low income

$2   billion goes to higher education

$6.5 billion health care & welfare

$1   billion workers comp

$1   billion goes to Dept of Admin, & EPA

$.5 billion other costs

(Presentation is given on u-tube, Sec. of State website).

GUEST SPEAKER: Frank Shankwitz Make-a-Wish

Make-a-Wish started in November 1980 with the first wish having been grated by this Association.  Since then 25,000 wishes have been given.  A request for $6,500 was asked for Make-a-Wish.  Dave Schroder advised that this amount has already been budgeted.

EXECUTIVE STAFF: Deputy Director Steve Campbell

  • 1. He is geared towards doing things the right way.
  • 2. People are the best assets.
  • 3. He wants to get out and see the different districts & areas before any changes are made.
  • 4. Would like everyone to look at what their roles are in the Department.
  • 5. Look at what the Department’s mission is.
  • 6. Budget:
  • a. Department was asked to cut $4 million from the


  • b. Where do we make the cuts?
  • c. Can anything that we are doing being outsourced?
  • d. On civilians being cut, no matter what agency or where they are located, civilians are always the first cut. The department is at a critical stage where we can not cut civilians anymore.


General Checking:                $  176,526.65

Savings:                         $   59,935,63

Merchandise:                     $    8,406.46

Bass:                            $    1,963.98

Rodeo:                           $   14,743.62

Golf:                            $   29,530.21

Raffle:                          $   25,190.26

Charities:                       $   16,846.60

PAC                              $    8,683.74

Heber – AHPA Cabin               $    2,029.56

Merrill Lynch                    $  403,904.00

Monument Account                 $   10,565.00

Snedaker Account (Originally)    $   40,084.00

(Remaining)     $   16,467.24

Funding Requests (Budgeted)      $    5,000.00


July 2009                               313.00

August                                1,200.00

September                               150.00

October                                 110.00

November                                500.00

December                                650.00

January                                 950.00

February                                275.00

March                                     0.00

April                                   275.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $   577.00

Sick & Distressed (Budgeted)     $    4,000.00


July 2009                                 0.00

August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                304.15

January                                   0.00

February                                  0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $ 3,695.85

Dave Schroder presented to the Board the proposed Association budget for 2010-2011.  There was an increase in the memorial fund.

Motion was made by Pat Egan, 2nd by Kevin McNichols to accept the proposed budget.  Motion passed.

LEGAL REPORT: Greg Robinson

Reported on three issues:

  • 1) Presented to Brent-Wyatt West a new 2 year magazine contract.
  • 2) Lawsuit on Brian Van Dusen is ongoing.
  • 3) Dave Felix is in final agreement on his retirement from the Department on June 15th.


  • 1) Visited Brent-Wyatt West, reviewed programs, and looked into generating more ads.
  • 2) Have received nationwide approval on SB 1070.
  • 3) Attended training in Las Vegas on freedom of speech.
  • 4) Past Projects – Sgt. Bill Rogers on cooking show.
  • 5) Future Projects – Photo radar
  • 6) New website with updates
  • 7) Upcoming issues:
  • a) Legalization of Marijuana
  • b) Christmas Bear program will involve radio station KDKB & McDonalds.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT: President Jimmy Chavez advised the Board on the endorsements for 2010 Primary:

District 1

Senate     Steve Pierce – R

House      Andy Tobin – R

Karen Fann – R

District 3

Senate     Ron Gould – R

House      Doris Goodale – R

Nancy McLain – R

District 4

Senate     Scott Bundgaard – R

House      Judy Burges – R

District 5

Senate     Bill Konopnicki – R

District 7

Senate     Nancy Barto – R

District 8

Senate     Michele Reagan – R

House      John Kavanaugh – R

District 10

Senate     Linda Gray – R

House      Jim Weiers – R

Jackie Thrasher – D

District 11

Senate     Adam Driggs – R

House      Eric Meyer – D

Shawna Bolick – R

District 12

Senate     John Nelson – R

House      Steve Monenegro – R

Jerry Weiers – R

District 13

Senate     Martha Garcia – D

House      Richard Miranda – D

Anna Tovar – D

District 14

Senate     Robert Meza – D

House      Chad Campbell – D

Debbie McCune Davis – D

District 15

Senate     Kyrsten Sinema – D

House      Lela Alston – D

Katie Hobbs – D

District 16

Senate     Leah Landrum Taylor – D

House      Cloves Campbell Jr – D

District 17

Senate     David Schapira – D

House      Ed Ableser – D

District 18

Senate     Russell Pearce – R

House      Cecil Ash – R

Steve Court – R

District 19

Senate     Rich Crandall – R

House      Kirk Adams – R

District 20

Senate     John McComish – R

House      Bob Robson – R

District 21

Senate     Steve Yarbrough – R

House      J.D. Mesnard – R

District 22

Senate     Andy Biggs – R

House      Lauren Hendrix – R

Eddie Farnsworth – R

District 23

Senate     Rebecca Rios – D

House      Frank Pratt – R

District 24

Senate     Amanda Aguirre – D

House      Russ Jones – R

Lynne Pancrazi – D

District 25

Senate     Manny Alvarez – D

House      David Stevens – R

District 26

Senate     Al Melvin – R

House      Vic Williams – R

Nancy Young Wright – D

District 27

Senate     Olivia Cajero Bedford – D

District 28

Senate     Paula Aboud – D

District 29

Senate     Linda Lopez – D

District 30

Senate     Frank Antenori – R

House      David Gowan – R

Secretary of State – Ken Bennett – R

Governor – Jan Brewer – R

U.S. Congress, District 3 – Jim Waring – R


  • 1. RIF’s on individual basis.
  • 2. Merit System meeting on June 28th on disability


President Chavez announced the Association scholarships will be given to the following:

Nathial Fink

Tyler Jones

Deanna Molina

Monique Zatcoff

Alarle Fink

Kristen Rodecap


This year there will be no rodeo held in Tucson.  The November meeting will be held on the 3rd Wednesday.


Discussion was held on the ring cost over size 13.

Motion was made by Tim Kovochick to endorse Steve McMurry for Encanto JP.  2nd by Bill Rogers.  Motion carried

Motion made by Dave Schroder to endorse Jim Waring for U.S. Congress District 3.  2nd by Tim Kovochick.  Motion carried


Motion to adjourn by Dave Schroder, seconded by Kevin McNichols.  MOTION CARRIED.


Next meeting will be held on July 14, 2010, at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve & Conference Center located at 1431 East Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona.   Meeting will start at 0900 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Bee, Recording Secretary

Article written by/or information provided by AHPA

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