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The meeting was called to order at 1000 hours by President Jimmy Chavez at the Elwood Building located at I-10 & University Drive, Phoenix.  President Chavez led the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President                         Jimmy Chavez

Executive Officer                 Pat Eagan

D-2 & Northern Vice President     Mark Haughey

D-3 & Recording Secretary         Jim Bee

D-4                               Ed Simpson

D-7                               Raul Garcia Jr

D-8                               Kevin McNichols

D-9                               Robby Craig

D-11                              Bert Chaney

D-12                              Nathan Teel

D-13 (Metro East)                 Bill Rogers

D-14 (Metro West)                 Mike McCall

Northern/Western Air Rescue       Dave Garrisen

OCI & Executive Vice President    Bob Gilbert

OCN/II (Southern CI)              John Eccles

Civilian Central Zone II          Vickie Williams

Civilian Southern Zone &

Southern Vice President           Celina Murrieta Gonzales

Civilian Northern Zone            Rebecca Smith

Retired Southern Zone             J.R. Ham

Retired Civilian                  Betty Gallery

Treasurer                         Dave Schroder


Executive Secretary – Colleen Girard

Legal Counsel –       Greg Robinson

Lobbyist –            Nicole LaSlavic

Legal Services –      Anthony Cowy


Gregg Girard


Charles Mauro


Flowers – none

Thank You Letters – none


Frank E. Bracamonte #1583     Henry A. Thomason #6451

Fernando Ayon #6905           David A. Demlong #7024

Page 3

Pedro Pena III #7029          Lori D. Carver #7034          Christopher A. Kisser #7034   Clifton M. Bryson #7046

Lucas C. Rothpletz #7048      Brad G. Martin #7094

Joseph T. Ramsey #7098        James F. Smith #7102

Daniel J. Grism #7103         John E. Crysler #7143

Scott P. Martin #7144         Kenneth P. Upton #7145


Alex Lopez #5820

Angela J. Cofield #6527

Myria Kramer #6817


Sergio A. Miranda #3981

Peter Onni #5773


Sworn: none

Civilian: none


Ron Schmenk

Bill Bouley

Gordon Selby


Mr. Frank Trapp, father of Sgt. Jeff Trapp #xxxx, passed away on December 20th.

Mr. William Baxter, grandfather of Officer Jennifer McGrath #6138, passed away on December 26th.

Retired K-9 Robbie, passed away on December 26th.

Retired K-9 Luke, passed away on December 26th.

Retired Member David C. Holton Jr #107, passed away on December 29th.

Retired member Harvey M. Golightly #49, passed away on January 11th.

181 Police Officers died in the line of duty in 2007.  68 Officers were killed by gunfire, (4) were killed by accidental gunfire.  May was the month with the most deaths (24). January & September had the least (11).  The State of Texas had the highest number of Officers killed (22).  The average time of service was 10 years, 8 months.  The average age was 38.  Of the 181 Officers killed, 173 were male & 4 were female.

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Ten Officers have died since the last meeting, six died at the end of 2007 and four have died thus far this year.

Five were killed by gunfire, one was accidental

One was killed in an automobile collision

Three were killed by vehicular assault, (one by a drunk driver, and one K-9 was killed with his Officer).

One was struck by a vehicle

Four were from Municipal Agencies

Four were from County Agencies

Two were from State or Federal agencies (Maryland Transportation Authority & Guam Police Department).

All tem were male

1)  Police Officer James Saavedra

Port of Corpus Christi P.D., Texas

Age 40     Years of Service N/A

Killed Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gunfire (Accidental)

2)  Deputy Sheriff Vu Nguyen

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, California

Age 37    Years of Service 7

Killed Wednesday, December 19, 2007


3)  Police Officer Christopher Nicholson

Smithsburg P.D., Maryland

Age 25     Years of Service 1

Killed Wednesday, December 19, 2007


4) Deputy Sheriff Chad McDonald

Bibb County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia

Age 29   Years of Service 4

Killed Friday, December 21, 2007

Automobile Collision

5) Police Officer Brian Evans

Mansfield P.D., Ohio

Age 37     Years of Service 10

Killed Wednesday, December 26, 2007


6) Police Officer Frank E. Smith

Page 5

Guam P.D., Guam

Age 35     Years of Service N/A

Killed Sunday, December 30, 2007

Vehicular Assault

7)  Corporal Courtney G. Brooks

Maryland Transportation Authority P.D., Maryland

Age 40     Years of Service 13

Killed Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Vehicular Assault

8) Deputy Sheriff Jason S. Zunker

Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department, Wisconsin

Age 31     Years of Service 4

Killed Saturday, January 5, 2008

Struck by vehicle

9) Detective James Walker

Miami P.D., Florida

Age 30     Years of Service 8

Killed Tuesday, January 8, 2008


10) Deputy Sheriff Sean Pursifull

Bell County Sheriff’s Department, Kentucky

Age 31     Years of Service N/A

Killed Thursday, January 10, 2008

Vehicular Assault

For more information on these officers, refer to www.odmp

[Officer Down Memorial Page])



Seat New Board Members & Proxies

Dave Garrisen Northern/Western Air Rescue

Eddie Simison D-4

Motion from Mark Haughey, seconded by Dave Schroder to accept the consent agenda.  Motion Passed.


President Chavez addressed the Board on the upcoming budget submitted by the Governor:

a)  3 million for sworn pay

b)  100% of photo enforcement money going to DPS to supplant budget.

c)  New uniforms will not be arriving this month, hopefully in mid-February to march.  Officers can go to the following

Page 6

d)  website:\ahp. By entering your last name & Badge number (the password is your badge), you can go in and change your password.

e)  National Police Week: Officer Keeton’s family will be going back to Washington DC for the Memorial week.  Nathan Teel will be lead escort with Bill Rogers as second escort.


The Association has implanted a committee process which allows committees to meet during the agenda time and report back the

same day.  This process will make it easier to meet and function efficiently.  The committee reports are:

Website Committee

Working on new pictures, graphics, articles, and information for the AHPA website,

Membership Committee

Looking into developing a flyer/brochure which will list the benefits of our membership benefits.

By Law Committee

Revising each section of the By-Laws, Reviewed and updated Article 2 Section 2.

Awards Committee

Working on a nomination form which will be sent out to members for names submitted with some background information supporting the nomination) for sworn & civilian.  Looking into different types of awards.


General Checking:                $  141,958.59

Savings:                         $   56,023.15

Merchandise:                     $   15,156.56

Bass:                            $      940.82

Rodeo:                           $    7,151.55

Golf:                            $   18,113.48

Raffle:                          $   94,902.24

Charities:                       $   23,434.60

PAC:                             $   40,076.43

Merrill Lynch                    $  443,220.00

Monument Account                 $   14,191.00

Snedaker Account (Originally)    $   40,084.00

(Remaining)     $   21,784.00

Funding Requests (Budgeted)      $    5,000.00


Page 7

July                                      0.00

August                                1,000.00

September                               550.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                750.00

Balance                               2,700.00

Sick & Distressed (Budgeted)     $    4,000.00



August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                  0.00

Balance                               4,000.00

Western Air Rescue (Donation)    $     1000.00

May (2007)                       $      435.00

Balance                          $      565.00

Dave Schroder advised the Board of one donation from a Motorist Assist from #5840 $20.00.

Dave also advised the Board of a new policy which assists new members to offset the initial out of pocket expenses for equipment that the Department does not totally cover or reimburse.

Each Cadet Officer who joins the Association while attending the academy will receive $200.00 to help offset the un-reimbursed expenses for his/her initial equipment.

New members must maintain their membership in the Association for a minimum of one year.

New insurance policy on the property/houses located at Forest Lakes, amount $1 Million.


Greg Robinson reported on the following matters:

1)   Re-payment on an outstand loan.

2) Will be contacting a member in reference to a new out-standing loan.


District 9 – Robby Craig

a)  Xmas Teddy Bears were given out

Page 8

District 12 – Nathan Teel

a)  Update on last year’s Make-a-wish, horse trailer given.

District 2 – Mark Haughey

a)  Member had requested information on our scholarships

Sworn & Civilian Retires – Betty Gallery & J.R. Ham

a)  Numerous questions on our proposed health care

b)  Advised that surviving spouse benefit increased from $200 to $500.

District 8 – Kevin McNichols

a) Officer Ibarra organized Sgt. Tapia’s highway cleanup &

Memorial site on Interstate 19, KM 15-17.  Following was a

BBQ.  (Photo’s will be sent to the AHPA Magazine).

b) Officer Quentin Mehr looking into the cost of setting up a

booth at the Fall Southern Arizona Home Builders

Association, to sell raffle tickets for the Rodeo.

c)  Re-contacted on follow up request for cabin phone books, and asked if there was an outside electric plug-in for RV’s.

d)  RODEO REPORT – Celina & Robbie have complied a list of their contacts.

District 3 – Jim Bee

a)   On December 24th, Sgt. Alvarez, Sgt. Cirre, Sgt. Enteman, Officer Beyer & Michelle Gioglio delivered toys to three local families.  Toys were provided by the W. Steven Martin Law Enforcement Toy Drive.

b)   Also on December 24th, toys ere delivered to an orphanage near Joseph City.  Toys were supplied by W. Steven martin & the Department’s Family Support Group.  The orphanage houses fifteen kids, from 11 months to 17 years.

c)   On December 25th, Officer Milius, Officer XXXXXX, Apache County DLO Gerald Thomas, & Jim Bee delivered approximately 60 Teddy Bears to the Summit Hospital located in Show Low.  Later that evening, 10 Bears were delivered to the SAFE house located in Pinetop.

Southern Civilian – Celina Murrieta Gonzales

Recruited 3 new members


Memorial Update from Bob Gilbert: The events will take place on May 5th.  Memorial coins will be on sale prior to and during the events.  Dave Schroder advised that he has located an engraver to add the Badge number and last name of the fallen Officer on the rocker located at the bottom of the coin.  One set will be done to present one to a representative of each fallen officer family, one set will be placed in a shadow box and presented to the

Page 9

Department at the memorial service, and one set will be given to the Governor.

Dave Schroder presented to the Board the new policy 08-01, which was reviewed.  Motion made by Robbie Craig, seconded by Bob Gilbert to accept the new policy.  Motion Passed.


Motion made by Bob Gilbert to place a Fallen Officer License Plate on the Association vehicle, seconded by Pat Eagan.  Discussion was held on the verbiage to be selected; one possibility was “NVR4GET”.  All Board members were asked to bring suggestions to the next meeting.  Motion was tabled by Bob Gilbert pending suggestions being submitted.

Motion made by Pat Eagan, seconded by Bill Rogers to move the annual monthly meetings from the Elwood building back to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Reception Center.  The current location does not fill our requirements for the meetings.  Motion Passed.



Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008 at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve Reception Center.  Meeting will start at 0900 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Bee, Recording Secretary

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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