When Sergeant Evan Love of the Hendricks County (IN) Sheriff’s Office stopped motorist Megan Nierman for speeding, he was prepared to issue citations for the excessive speed as well as expired tags.

The woman pleaded that she was a single mother trying to make ends meet after her husband left her, according to CNN.

Sergeant Love—who is apparently aptly named—told the woman that if she got her plates renewed, he would rip up the speeding ticket he had already written for her.

She did, and he followed through on his promise.

Then Love took things to a different level. He raised money among family and friends so that Nierman could more easily provide holiday cheer for her two-year-old child.

Nierman posted to social media that she was working in her job at a local hair salon when she saw Love approaching with what turned out to be his family in tow.

Included in the Christmas card he handed Nierman, Love had included a $300 gift card.


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