A Cicero, IL, police officer was shot Thursday evening near the Cicero Avenue exit of I-55, investigators say.

“Cicero getting off I-55, I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot several times,” Officer Luis Duarte said over the radio, calling in his own injury Thursday evening.

Officers were trying to pull over a car with California plates that had been reported stolen, according to investigators. “The vehicle refused to stop, our officers were able to box the vehicle in right at the entrance ramp at I-55 and Cicero Avenue where the subject immediately exited his vehicle and began shooting multiple rounds at our officers,” said Cicero Police Department Supt. Jerry Chlada, Jr.

Officials say Duarte, 31, was shot four times, in his leg, stomach and twice in the arm.

Cicero police say after Duarte was shot the suspect ran away and started shooting at another officer that tried to chase him, ABC7 reports.

“We were luckily (sic) enough to have a citizen on the street who’s a concealed carry holder and he also engaged in gun fire with this offender who was struck one time and was taken to Cook County Hospital,” Supt. Chlada said.


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