Note to the applicant: The existence of any of the conditions listed below may result in rejection from the selection process. These areas will be explored during the polygraph examination.


  • Drug use
    • Marijuana
      1. Illegal use of marijuana more than 20 times or more than five (5) times since the age of 21 or at any time within the last three (3) years.
    • Dangerous Drugs/Narcotics/Vaporous Substances
      1. Illegal Use of dangerous drugs, narcotics or vaporous substances more than five (5) times total for more than one (1) time since the age of 21, or at any time within the past seven (7) years. Dangerous drugs and/or narcotics include hashish, cocaine/crack, amphetamines/barbiturates, anabolic steroids (since January 1, 1994), LSD/acid, PCP/angel dust, magic mushrooms, etc.
    • Peyote/Mescaline
      1. Illegal use of peyote or mescaline as described in Section B above (exception: The use of peyote/mescaline is permitted if for bona fide religions ceremonies).
    • Heroin
      1. Use of heroin at anytime.
    • Sale, production, cultivation or transportation for sale of illegal drugs
    • Pattern of abuse of prescription drugs
  • Theft of misappropriation of property
    • Any demonstrated pattern of habitual theft
    • Any left while serving in a position of trust
  • Acts constituting a felony
    • The conviction of any act which would constitute a felony in the state of Arizona, regardless of the time element
    • The conviction of any act of domestic violence
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
    • Any intentional attempt to practice any deception of fraud in:
      1. The employement application
      2. The various testing process
    • Failure to properly complete this application
  • Driving Record
    • More than one serious traffic violation (D.U.I, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident) within the last 5 years
    • Any serious traffic violation (D.U.I., reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident) within the last 3 years
    • Any recent demonstrated pattern of excessive traffic violations (for positions that require operation of a motor vehicle).
  • Credit
    • Any demonstrated pattern of indebtedness over an extended period which has resulted in repossession or foreclosures or submission of bills to a collection agency (for position of Officer)
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