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LONDON — An officer who was stabbed in the head while fighting off three assailants in the 2017 London Bridge attack is planning to return to work.

British Transport Police Officer Wayne Marques said he’s made significant process in his recovery ahead of the one-year anniversary of the attack, The Guardian reports. While he still had some way to go, Marques said he hopes to return to work next month.

“I’ve made significant progress obviously since that night,” he said. “I’m much more independent, much more able. I’m standing, I’m walking, I’m talking. I’m able to socialise again, see family and friends.”

On June 3, 2017, a vehicle mowed down pedestrians on the London Bridge and several people were stabbed at a nearby market. Eight victims were killed and many were wounded in the terrorist attack.

Marques was seriously injured when he confronted the three attackers with only a baton. He was stabbed in the leg, hand and in the head while fighting off the terrorists. The knife wound to his head temporarily left him blind in the left eye.

This is Pc Wayne Marques. He took on all three of the London bridge terrorists with just his baton. And it’s a remarkable story of bravery.

— Dominic Casciani (@BBCDomC) June 28, 2017

The three terrorists were killed by police.

Following the attack, Marques had to undergo a series of surgeries and spent about three weeks in the hospital. He said he received an overwhelming response from the public, which he said helped him stay positive throughout his recovery.

“You go through these stages where you’re stuck in a bed and you’ve got this time to keep thinking about things,” he said. “Then you get these messages from people who have just heard about you. You’ve never met them and you never will, in most cases. But just genuine, heartfelt, caring messages.”

The officer is now able to walk by himself again. He said he’s trying to strengthen the left side of his body and increase his running ability.

“I am just trying to get as much of me back as possible,” Marques said. “I’ve still got far to go but I am on my way.”

Since the attack at London Bridge and Borough Market last June, lots of people ask us about PC Wayne Marques. We caught up with Wayne to ask him about how his recovery is going, 12 months on from that night…

— BTP (@BTP) June 1, 2018

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