Two suspects are still at large east of Charlotte, NC, after, police say, one of them shot a police car during an attempted traffic stop, reports the Herald Sun.

As soon as a police officer hit the blue lights to pull over the black Lexus Sunday, a man stood up through the sunroof and started shooting, police in Albemarle, NC, say.

The suspects made it about 50 miles but then saw police setting up a barricade with stop strips, so they pulled over and ran into the woods, WSOC reported.

Police found the car with a shotgun inside, WNCN reported. Police also found an AK-47 nearby, according to WSOC.

Police searched the area with a helicopter and bloodhounds, WSOC reported. As of Monday morning, no arrests were listed in the shooting.

Three shots hit the police car, but the officer was not hurt, before the suspects in the stolen Lexus made their escape, the department said in a post on Facebook.

“We are very fortunate, very thankful that the officer didn’t get struck, or even killed, because they were using a high-powered rifle, which is extremely dangerous,” Albemarle Police Chief Danny Bowen told WSOC.

Bullets hit the police car‘s windshield in front of the driver, the hood of the car and in the radiator, disabling the car, according to WBTV. Another bullet ricocheted off the police car and hit someone in another car, the station reported. That person was treated on the scene by paramedics and released.

The incident started in Albemarle with reports of a drive-by shooting, Moore County Sheriff Neil Godfrey said.


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