On Tuesday, police in Bibb County, Georgia, were able to stop another suicide from unfolding publicly on the Internet.

A teenage girl began live streaming her plans to commit suicide on Facebook Tuesday night before consuming pills and putting a bag over her head, Bibb County Sgt. Linda Howard said.

But authorities received a call from a “concerned adult” at 7:30 p.m and 20 minutes later, officers had entered the teen’s home through a bathroom window to find the girl unconscious on the floor. Howard said Facebook had alerted the department of the footage as the incident was developing.

“This is our first case like this,” Howard told NBC News. “It was likely a cry for help. When you’re doing something like that live, you’re hoping someone will stop you … Deputies on the scene were happy they were able to save her and bring her back to her family.”

The high school student is expected to fully recover.


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