Tired Cops

Police Fatigue

Just posted on the Force Science website, you’ll find a new article by a fitness expert detailing practical steps you can take to overcome dangerous fatigue on- and off-duty. Click here or visit: www.forcescience.org/fatiguepaper.pdf.

“Combating Police Officer Fatigue” grew out of training provided to the Greeley (CO) PD by author Reece Towle, a certified strength and conditioning specialist and sports nutritionist who serves as director of athlete development for Greeley’s Performance and Wellness Institute.

Towle offers tips for improving your sleep patterns, exercising sensibly (including a “starter program for police-specific training”), and selecting anti-fatigue foods.

Reducing fatigue is a worthy goal for cops, as we’ve often reported. When you work tired, Towle points out, your mental and physical abilities are impaired, you’re more likely to employ inappropriate uses of force, you tend to become involved in more vehicle accidents, you experience more accidental injuries, and you are more likely to die in the line of duty, to name just a few of the many risks.

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