An officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department has been charged with vehicular homicide months after a vehicle collision that left one man dead, according to ABC News.

The Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office said on Wednesday that Officer John Young Song—who has been with the police department for six years— was travelling at nearly 80 miles per hour when he crashed his marked patrol vehicle into a car driven by Emilio Vizcaino in March.

According to prosecutors, Song was on duty, but did not have his emergency lights or sirens activated, when he ran a stop sign and crashed into Vizcaino’s car.

Vizcaino was pronounced dead at the scene.

“A post-collision inspection of Officer Song’s police car revealed that the headlight switch was in the ‘off’ position, indicating that Officer Song likely did not have his headlights on while he was driving on the dark roads,” the news release stated. “Mr. Vizcaino had no chance to avoid the collision with the officer.”


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