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FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A Florida police officer has been suspended without pay for letting a pair of suspects get hot and heavy in the back of his patrol car last summer, according to authorities.

An internal investigation into the romantic cruiser ride kicked off in July 2018, shortly after Fort Pierce Police Officer Doug McNeal took 23-year-old Zachery Moellendick and 24-year-old Krista Leigh into custody for shoplifting at a Walmart. A search of the pair turned up stolen jewelry and a baby toy, so the officer arrested them and escorted the pair to his vehicle, according to an internal affairs report released on Friday.

Leigh was cuffed and placed inside the patrol car but Moellendick, who had been using crutches to help him walk at the time, was never restrained.

During their drive to St Lucie County jail, video shows the pair “holding each other, cuddling and kissing” while the Barry White song, “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” plays in the background.

“Due to Leigh and Moellendick’s body posture and arm movements, it is apparent Moellendick and Leigh are sexually pleasuring each other with their hands,” the report reads. “This continues for approximately six minutes.”

McNeal denied seeing any sexual activity, but told investigators that he “was fine with” what he did see unfolding in the backseat of his patrol car.

When they arrived at the jail, Leigh asked the officer if they were allowed to smoke. He advised them to light up in the car rather than outside, which violates policy banning tobacco use in patrol cars.

An investigation into the incident concluded McNeal violated a total of nine policies and he was suspended for 20 days without pay as a result.

Moellendick entered a guilty plea for petty theft and trespassing and was just released from the St. Lucie County Jail on Thursday, the TCPalm reported.

Leigh earlier this month pleaded no contest to petty theft. She was sentenced to time served and released from jail.


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