Incident Status: 
Incident Date: 
Monday, May 1, 2017 – 5:00am
Department Report Number: 
Preliminary Information: 

5-1-17 Initial Incident

  • 5:00am – Troopers responded to a single vehicle motorcycle collision on southbound I-17 south of Yorkshire.
  • Shortly after the initial crash, a second collision occurred in the same area.


The first collision was a single vehicle motorcycle collision with the rider alert and conscious. Three vehicles stopped in the area to assist the motorcyclist. There were a total of four people on scene rendering aid when another vehicle, a white SUV, entered the scene striking one of the vehicles that was stopped and four of the bystanders. This collision resulted in fatal injuries to the motorcyclist and another bystander. Two additional bystanders were rushed to a hospital with very serious injuries. The investigation is ongoing and the roadway is expected to be closed for another few hours.

The roadway is now open. The Motorcycle rider is a 38 year old male and the other bystander killed is a 53 year old female. Both of the injuries taken to the hospital are males as well.

Update 5-2-17 Identities of Deceased Released

  • Beverly Click 53, Sun City (Victim)
    • Mrs. Click stopped to render assistance to a motorcycle rider who had gone down between the right two lanes of southbound I-17.
  • Johnny Youngblood 38, Phoenix (Victim)
    • Mr. Youngblood was involved in a single vehicle motorcycle collision. He was being assisted by several motorists who stopped to help when another vehicle entered the scene killing him and Mrs. Click.
  • Brian Higbee, 34, Phoenix (Suspect)
    • The driver of the vehicle that struck and killed Mrs. Click and Mr. Youngblood and also injured two others.

There are no updates on the conditions of the other victims at this time. The investigation is still on going.

We ask that the privacy of all persons involved including their families be respected as this tragic time.

Update 5-2-17 1:45pm

Given the circumstances of the crash, the location and time of day, troopers issued a citation to Mr. Higbee. The whole report will be reviewed by detectives to determine if additional charges will be forthcoming. At this time, there does not appear to be an element that would rise to the level of a criminal action on Mr. Higbee’s part. We want to convey, this was a tragic situation and many factors came into play in the crash. Our hearts go out the the families of all of those involved, the two who were killed, the two who were injured, the one who witnessed it all first hand and the driver that hit the four bystanders.

Incident Location: 
5 – Metro Central
Brian Higbee, 34, Phoenix,AZ
Beverly Click, 53, Sun City, AZ
Johnny Youngblood, 38, Phoenix, AZ
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