The Top Ten Signs The Pursuit Will Not Be Successful

1. You’re hot on the tail of an Acura NSX, the temperature just dropped to 15 below and it’s been raining for three days.
2. The suspect’s bumper sticker says, “I’m a fuel-injected death-machine.”
3. You’re riding with the new guy, who used his connections at City Hall to get the job despite being legally blind – and he’s driving.
4. You’re chasing a car up the on-ramp of a highway that’s not finished.
5. Two words – explosive diarrhea.
6. They haven’t changed the tires on the cruiser you’re driving since cops used call boxes.
7. Dispatch says the vehicle is registered to someone named Jeff Gordon.
8. Your department has a restrictive pursuit policy limiting chases only to situations where Osama Bin Laden is driving a vehicle loaded with automatic weapons and kidnapped women.
9. The suspect is driving a V8 with nitrous and time-travel capability.
10. In an effort to promote a more eco-friendly police image, your agency has switched to hybrid vehicles that get 140 miles to the gallon and top out at 45 mph.

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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