Many of you are aware that Arizona State Troopers Association (AZ Troopers) has been
working feverishly on securing funding in the FY2017 budget for a pay increase for all DPS
employees. When the agency submitted its budget request last fall, requesting a 5% pay
increase for employees, each year for the next four fiscal years, AZ Troopers began
working with legislative leaders and the Governor’s office to support that request.
Throughout this legislative session, your Association has been meeting with legislators
and staff from the Governor’s office, detailing the need to address pay for DPS employees
in the budget process. From the start of session in January, we have strongly urged the
legislature to consider funding $8.9M to the agency for employee pay, which would have
provided a 5% pay increase for all employees.

In the early morning hours of May 4, the House and Senate reached an agreement on the
budget and passed House Bill 2695, General Appropriations Act; 2016-2017. In that bill,
which was transmitted to Governor Ducey for his signature, the legislature approved $4.6
million in funding to the agency for a pay raise. The legislature adjourned on the morning
of May 7 and the budget was signed by the Governor today, May 10.

The problem with the pay raise lies in the language for the appropriation. The bill language
states: “The operating lump sum appropriation and GIITEM line item include $4,440,000 from the
state general fund, $215,800 from the Arizona highway patrol fund and $30,900 from the
risk management revolving fund for a three percent aggregate pay full-year pay adjustment
for sworn officer positions. The appropriated amount also includes $156,400 from the
state General fund for a three percent aggregate pay full-year pay adjustment for civilian
employees of the highway patrol division.”

Early on in this process, the membership was asked to be involved by establishing
communication with their legislators. This must continue and increase. This is something
that cannot happen with just a single person working on the issue.
We will be reaching out to Director Milstead in an effort to determine what the agency’s
plan will be. As always, AZ Troopers will continue to work with legislative leaders during
the off-session period to continue addressing DPS pay.

AZ Troopers realizes the impact the needs of its members has on family. Pay has a
significant impact on all of our families and we will continue to address this issue until we
are satisfied with the results.

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