The Goodwin Fire has now reached a size of nearly 25,000 acres in Prescott Valley.


DPS is playing a critical role in battling the flames. Troopers are currently conducting their normal functions in that jurisdiction by providing traffic control on state highways and intersections. This includes conducting road closures, directing traffic and enforcing traffic in that area.


Goodwin Fire ClosureIn addition to patrolling state highways, DPS is an assist agency. In the areas affected by the fire, DPS is providing personnel to assist with law enforcement, evacuations, and traffic control on the county and city roads.


The aviation unit is also playing a crucial role. There are multiple medics and pilots from on standby to assist with rescues, reconnaissance, aerial fire support, technical rescue standby, and medical rescue standby.Goodwin Fire Command Post


As of June 29, 2017, the fire is one percent contained. Currently, crews are battling strong winds, but say the winds are beginning to die down. Shelters have been set up to assist evacuees until they are allowed to return to their homes.


The Goodwin Fire is one example of many where DPS is ready and willing to complete their respective duties and assist other agencies where needed around the state.


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