A woman who police say struck an officer with her car and drove down a busy highway with him clinging to her hood has been charged with attempted manslaughter, assault, and other crimes.

Maryland State Police say 25-year-old Denai Holly of Washington, DC, actually accelerated into a Montgomery County police officer and kept driving down the highway Monday.

While holding on, Officer Christopher Jordan was able to make a call, investigators said.

Jordan was off-duty just before 8 a.m. Monday when he observed a hit-and-run involving three cars. The driver of a Chevy Impala fled the scene, according to Sgt. DeVaughn Parker with Maryland State Police.

“This person, they wanted to get out of there. He had … advised her he was a police officer, and she accelerated toward him,” Parker told WTOP.

Police say Holly proceeded to drive approximately a mile down Interstate 270 with Jordan on her hood. Her speed is still under investigation, but charging documents said she was traveling 80 mph.

Eventually, Jordan was able to safely roll off the hood, and with the information given from his description of the vehicle, Holly was arrested in a nearby parking lot off the highway exit minutes later.


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