According to, crowds gathered late last week to welcome home a deputy with the Scott County (KY) Sheriff’s Office who was mostly paralyzed in a gunfight in September.

Scott County Sheriff Tony Hampton said that the agency did not receive word until Wednesday that Deputy Jaime Morales would be released from a spinal rehabilitation facility in Louisville on Thursday.

Hampton called Thursday a “mini parade” because he hopes to have a much larger event in the future.

Two days after the event, the agency posted to its Facebook page a message from Deputy Morales’ family.

“Words can not express how thankful we are feeling,” the family said. “The welcome home that our wonderful town, great schools, and incredible family of law enforcement had organized was the most incredible and heart warming event that we have ever seen in our lifetime.

“As the proud parents of a US Marine and Sheriff Deputy Jaime Morales, we extend our deepest heartfelt thank you to the so many people and area businesses that are helping our son. The love and respect we are receiving is overwhelming. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts,” the family said.


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