Whether you’re new to the criminal justice industry or are a seasoned professional, at Columbia Southern University, we offer degree programs in criminal justice for every level of expertise including associate, bachelor’s or master’s online degree programs.

Associate in Science in Criminal Justice

For those who are interested in corrections, court operations, law enforcement, probation and parole or related fields, an associate degree will help you gain industry insight before training begins.

Earning an A.S. is also a good option if you are still deciding whether you want to pursue a career in criminal justice. As you take classes and learn more about the field, you will gain a better understanding if the industry is right for you, as well as if you are suited for careers including:

    • Bailiff
    • Correctional Officer
    • Crime Scene Technician
    • Fire Inspector and Investigator
    • Fish and Game Warden
    • Paralegal
    • Police Dispatch
    • Police Officer
    • Private Investigator
    • Security Officer

The estimated time for completion of an associate degree in criminal justice is three years.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration prepares students for concentrated areas of study in the industry including the interrelationship among corrections, courts and law enforcement. Students will learn about criminal justice theories and practices in a diverse society and will be able to evaluate the impact of the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights on federal, state and local laws.

Additionally, CSU offers a B.S. in criminal justice administration with a concentration in arson investigation that teaches students the technical and scientific skills needed to become highly qualified arson investigators with a focus on analysis, evidence collection, combustion, fire behavior and forensics.

The estimated time for completion of a B.S in criminal justice administration is five years, with or without the arson investigation concentration.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

The Master of Science degree in criminal justice administration provides post-baccalaureate education to criminal justice professionals from various backgrounds. This program focuses on students’ abilities to analyze, comprehend and resolve complex problems confronting the criminal justice system in a diverse community today.

A master’s degree in criminal justice opens up many career opportunities for criminal justice professionals including:

    • Correctional Officer Supervisor
    • Criminal Profiler
    • Criminologist
    • District Attorney or Attorney General Investigator
    • Emergency Management Director
    • Forensic Examiner
    • Forensic Psychologist
    • Police and Detective Supervisor
    • Security Manager
    • Supervisory Criminal Investigator

Interested in learning more about CSU’s online criminal justice degree programs? Visit ColumbiaSouthern.edu/Criminal-Justice.The estimated time for completion of a master’s in criminal justice administration is three years.

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