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Building relationships… one cup at a time!

Coffee with a Commander brings District Commanders from the Arizona Department of Public Safety and the citizens they serve in the community together, over a cup of coffee, to discuss issues and learn more about each other. 

No agendas. There are no speeches or specific topics. Events are relaxed, informal and are open for discussions about any issues the community residents feel are important. 

No distractions. The District Commanders’ radios and cell phones are turned off for the event so residents can have stress and distraction-free conversation.

No barriers. One-on-one conversations between residents and the District Commanders that oversee their community, are the best way to build trust and create mutual goals for the community. 


The Arizona Department of Public Safety is a state-wide law enforcement agency that patrols the freeways and highways. The geographical boundaries AZDPS patrols is comprised of districts, which breaks the state down into a total of 14 districts. With almost 1,300 troopers across the state, AZDPS has the privilege to engage with residents all over Arizona. Coffee with a Commander gives AZDPS the opportunity to sit down and build important relationships with community members that can’t be achieved as easily on the road. 


Upcoming Events in Arizona


Brews Brothers Coffee MapMonday, November 20th  



Brews Brothers Coffee

4023 E. Ramsey Rd.

Sierra Vista, AZ, 85650

(Located on the NE corner of E. Ramsey Rd. and SR-92)

District Commander

Capt. Dean Chase

District 12 – Sierra Vista


Learn more about the district lines and their respective commanders:

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