Many Arizona law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Public Safety, have received grant money to specifically enforce seatbelt safety.  The “Click it or Ticket” laws have many parameters that any driver or passenger should know about.  The Arizona Highway Patrol Association is providing seatbelt safety tips to the public that goes beyond the simple clicking noise of your seatbelt.

“This funding helps us educate the public on the importance of seat belt usage and encourage the decrease of motor vehicle fatalities,” states Sgt. Jimmy Chavez, President of the Arizona Highway Patrol Association.  “We are happy the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety recognizes the importance of this issue effecting public safety.”

Important Statistics Show:

  • Seat belts, when properly used, are 45 percent effective in preventing deaths in potentially fatal crashes and 50 percent effective in preventing serious injuries. (DPS)
  • 80% of all death to children in a motor vehicle accident could be prevented by properly securing the safety harnesses and seatbelts. (James Madison University)
  • As many as 17,000 people could be saved every year by wearing a seatbelt. (James Madison University)
  • For survivors, average medical costs are 50% higher for those not wearing a seatbelt. (
  • Of the 32,598 passengers killed in 2002 as the result of an automobile crash, almost 60% were not wearing seatbelts. (Naval Safety Center).

Founded in 1958, the AHPA’s mission is to promote the positive role of Law Enforcement Professionals, and to protect and secure rights and benefits for their members through effective representation with local, state and national governments.

Article written by/or information provided by Stacy Dillon

Read the online article from Jimmy’s segment with Sonoran Living HERE.

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