Officers with the Fresno (CA) Police Department responded to a call Monday from a woman who feared a man in her home—reportedly with a history of recent mental health issues—might try to kill himself.

A veteran FTO and his rookie partner arrived to the scene and quickly discovered a pool of blood on the floor and a man with a knife with a 12-inch blade coming at them, according to the Fresno Bee.

One officer deployed a TASER, but one of the darts failed to take hold, and the man advanced. The other officer then opened fire, fatally shooting 63-year-old Marty West, who had a 32-year career in the Fresno Police Department before retiring from the Fresno PD in 2007 to become the chief of police in Oakdale.

West was chief of police in Oakdale for five years before retiring in March 2012.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said, “Both of them were absolutely shocked and surprised when the door opened and Marty came charging out, covered in blood, armed with a knife, and was within a few feet of the officers.”

“I lost a friend and a family member; he’ll be missed,” Dyer said.


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