Author: Force Science Institute

By PoliceOne Staff

SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, Calif. — San Luis Obispo law enforcement and school district officials are working together to introduce an app to reduce police response time and hopefully save lives in the event of an active shooter, the SLO County Sheriff’s Office announced last week.

The Rave Panic Button dials 911 and alerts other teachers to the presence of an active shooter, KEYT reported. It also provides responding officers with teachers’ locations and a map of the premises.

“We’re the only county that I know of that has developed a response plan with an app,” Sheriff Ian Parkinson told KEYT. “But frankly we hope that we’ll never have to use [it].”

The app, funded through a Department of Homeland Security grant, can also be used when police are needed for other emergencies, such as medical problems. According to KEYT, it was used recently to alert police and school nurses to a choking emergency.

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