A Baltimore man fired 10 rounds at two city police officers before he was killed in a shootout Sept. 23, police said Monday.

The Baltimore Police Department unveiled new details surrounding the police-involved shooting Monday afternoon at a news conference, where interim Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle and police spokesman T.J. Smith showed body-camera footage from the shooting and discussed the officers’ responses during the incident.

Tuggle said officers Phillip Lippe and Steven Foster fired 30 rounds from their guns during the shootout, the Baltimore Sun reports.

Officer Lippe was struck by three bullets; one hit his body camera, another was deflected by his bullet-proof vest and a third nicked his elbow, police said. Footage from Lippe’s camera was destroyed in the shooting.

Lippe and Foster pursued Sassafras because they though he was involved with drug trafficking in the area, Tuggle said.


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