At the second annual Axon Accelerate User Conference, Axon previewed Axon Records, an RMS (records management system) designed to put officers back on the streets by reducing time spent doing paperwork while also helping agencies solve, prosecute, and prevent crime. Axon Records will be available for law enforcement agencies to purchase in 2018, according to Axon.

At last year’s IACP Conference in San Diego, Axon announced its efforts to reduce police paperwork by 80% within the next 10 years. In pursuit of that goal, the company declared its intention to begin development of an RMS solution that seamlessly integrates with an agency’s computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) and Axon’s cloud-based digital evidence management solution,, thus making video of an incident the heart of the entire record. This will allow anyone with access to the video the ability to see and hear exactly what happened at the time of the incident.

Less than a year later, Axon Records is well on its way to becoming a new solution in the world of RMS. Prior to offering a preview to attendees at the Accelerate User Conference, Axon worked with dozens of users spanning multiple major cities, state police and highway patrols, and large county sheriffs across the country to ensure the product is designed and built for end users’ needs now and in the future. Axon has taken tremendous strides toward developing an RMS solution designed to be easily searchable, while offering tools for paperwork automation, effortless information sharing, and digital evidence integration. Agencies interested in getting their officers back on the streets can email to learn more about Axon Records and sign up to become a development partner.

“We’ve been hard at work developing this technology with a select few agencies, so taking the opportunity to share it with more than 500 Axon Accelerate attendees and thought leaders is a tremendous thrill,” said Sayce Falk, Director of RMS. “We’ve all seen how technology has helped accelerate certain aspects of our lives. In the 20th century, we used to read game highlights in a newspaper the day after. Today, we get immersive highlight reels as the game ends. Our vision for RMS is similar in that we’re focused on delivering an integrative, multimedia platform that saves time and puts insights and the right information at every officer’s fingertips.”

Due in part to the proliferation of entering data into silo’d IT systems over the past several years, today’s police officers often spend two-thirds of a given shift performing administrative tasks. While a certain amount of time spent on paperwork is unavoidable in the near term, Axon believes that outdated software prevents front-line officers from maximizing their time spent in their communities. Current RMS options often make integration with other technologies difficult, while giving agencies little support when it comes to easily accessing critical information on crime and incident trends, according to Axon. With the introduction of Axon Records, Axon plans to remedy that by promoting a fast, responsive system designed with the user in mind. 

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