The August 2010 Board of Directors & AHPA Charities Meeting was called to order at 0900 hours by President Jimmy Chavez at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve & Conference Center located at 1431 East Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona.  President Chavez began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President                        Jimmy Chavez

Executive Officer               Pat Eagan

District One (Proxy)            Rebecca Smith

District Two & Northern

Vice President                       Mark Haughey

District Three & Recording

Secretary (Proxy)               Mark Haughey

District Four (Proxy)           Tim Huffman

District Five (Metro Central)   Tim Kvochick

District Seven (Proxy)          Joe Ritchie

District Eleven                 Bert Cheney

District Twelve                      Nathan Teel

District Thirteen (Metro East)  Bill Rogers

District Fourteen (Metro West)  Tim Kvochick

District Fifteen     (Proxy)        Mark Haughey

District Sixteen                     John Smith

Northern/Western Air Rescue          Mike Strohmeyer

Executive Vice President

& OCN I                         Bob Gilbert

OCN II                          Jim Oien

Civilian Northern Zone          Rebecca Smith

Civilian Zone I & Crime Lab

(Proxy)                         Vickie Toll

Civilian Zone II                Vickie Toll

Civilian Zone III

& Asst. Treasurer               JoAnne Kurgan

Civilian Southern Zone          Lisa Campoy

Retired Southern Zone           J.R. Ham

Retired Civilian                Betty Gallery

Treasurer                       Dave Schroder

Special Projects Benefits/

Charities Liaison (Proxy)       Dave Schroder


Executive Secretary             Colleen Girard

Legal Counsel                   Greg Robinson

Legal Services                  Dale Norris

Financial Advisor               Jeffrey Munster

Robert Jagus

Insurance Advisor               Patrick Madden


Andy Swann                 Lt. Col. Jeff Stanhope

Gregg Girard               Celina Murrieta Gonzales

Cpt. Larry Perry


Deputy Director Steve Campbell


Flowers – Ed Wren

Chandler Police Detective Carlos Ledesma

Thank You Letters – Deanna Molina

Cards – None



Alisa Azbill, Badge #7232


Tom Elias, Badge #1728          Molly Brown, Badge #1734

Chris Dunn, Badge #1882         Anton R. Bogs, Badge #3608

Mario Duran, Badge #3635        Melanie Goodson, Badge #3653

Stephen E. Powles, Badge #3750  Raul S. Castillo, Badge #3968

Paul Silverman, Badge #3985          Jesus J. Moreno, Badge 34380

Dane B. Sanders, Badge #4004    Philip R. Bruder, Badge #4548

Patricia Morris, Badge #4623    Leon D. Dame, Badge #5012

Ramona White-Ortega, Badge #6203


Sworn: Dwayne E. Aulds, Badge #5865

Adrianne J. Shields, Badge #6563

Civilian: None


Kitty Shankwitz had knee replacement surgery.

M.L. Bud Richardson fell and had surgery to repair the broken bones.

Ed Ray, Badge #3158 had heart surgery.

Hugh Stone, Badge #626 had shoulder surgery.

Bill Mulleneaux, Badge #479 had knee replacement surgery.


Former Association lobbyist Ed Wren passed away on July 31st.

Mrs. Beth Crawford, wife of retiree Charlie Crawford, Badge #1141 passed away.



This year 105 Police Officers have died in the line of duty. This is 31 more than this time last year. Thirteen have died since the last meeting:

Six were killed by gunfire.

Four were killed in vehicle collisions.

One was killed by vehicular assault.

One was killed during a vehicle pursuit.

One died as a result of a heart attack.

Five were from Municipal Agencies.

Six were from County Agencies.

One was from a State Agency (North Carolina Division at Motor Vehicles License & Theft Bureau)

One was from a federal Agency (American Samoa Department of Public Safety).

All Thirteen were male.

  • 1) Deputy Sheriff David Lambert

Warren County Sheriff’s Dept., Mississippi

Age 38     Years of Service – 15

Killed Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Automobile Collision

  • 2) Sheriff Garry Welford

George County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi

Age 63    Years of Service – 37

Killed Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vehicle Assault

  • 3) Detective Lieutenant Liusila Brown

American Samoa Department of Public Safety

Age 44    Years of Service – 19

Killed Thursday, July 22, 2010


  • 4) Deputy Sheriff Samuel A. Smith

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas

Age 23   Years of Service – 9 months

Killed Friday, July 23, 2010

Automobile Collision

  • 5) Corporal Matthew Edwards

Taylor P.D., Michigan

Age 31     Years of Service – 5 years 7 months

Killed Friday, July 23, 2010


  • 6) Deputy Sheriff Shawn Hess

Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office, Virginia

Age 35    Years of Service – 7

Killed Friday, July 23, 2010

Automobile Collision

  • 7) Police Officer Carlos Ledesma

Chandler P.D., Arizona

Age 34   Years of Service – 3

Killed Wednesday, July 28, 2010


6)  Deputy Sheriff Jon Willis

Greene County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina

Age 31     Years of Service – 9

Killed Wednesday, July 28, 2010


7)  Inspector Timothy Charles Barnes

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles

License & Theft Bureau

Age 38   Years of Service – 10

Killed Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heart Attack

8)  Patrolman Glen Agee

Jackson P.D., Mississippi

Age 31     Years of Service – N/A

Killed Friday, August 6, 2010


9)  Chief of Police William T. (Bill) Bauer

Wyoming P.D., Illinois

Age 36     Years of Service – 12 years 7 months

Killed Friday, August 6, 2010

Automobile Collision

10) Deputy Sheriff Christopher Dewey

Mahnomen County Sheriff’s Office, Minnesota

Age 26    Years of Service – 6

Killed Monday, August 9, 2010


11) Police Officer Jeremy J. Hubbard

Cowden P.D., Illinois

Age 34     Years of Service – 4

Killed Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vehicle Pursuit

For more information on these officers, refer to www.odmp

[Officer Down Memorial Page])



President Chavez asked the Board as part of the consent agenda to adopt the Association’s Fair Representation & Legal Policy from last month’s meeting.  Motion was made by Dave Schroder, seconded by Bob Gilbert to accept the consent agenda.  Motion carried.

GUEST SPEAKER: Mike Wright, Fidelity/Blue Line Mortgage, Inc

Mr. Wright gave a presentation to the Board on their Mortgage program. They are based out of Illinois.  Their program is being offered as a free benefit to our Association members on mortgage loans, home improvement loans, construction loans, and rural development loans. They have been in business for 14 years and their main focus is with law enforcement groups.  They are in 24 states. For a first-time loan they charge a process fee of $795.00.  Any loan after that will not have a processing fee.  All work on your loan prior to obtaining it is free.  They manage their own loans and do not sell them to outside companies.  When you call you will talk to a real person not a machine.  They will get involved with the Association for different functions. Rates are great:  a. 4.375% for a 30-year loan

b. 4.25% for a 20-year loan

c. 3.75% for a 15-year loan

d. 3.625% for a 10-year loan

For more information contact them at or  Their toll free number is 877-461-5760.

GUEST SPEAKER: Karen Battilana, ADOA Benefits Director

Mrs. Battilana briefed the Board on the upcoming changes in the State’s benefit programs:

  • a. The current State health plans were due to change in October. Due to health care reforms, now they will match the calendar tax year.
  • b. We are currently doing a mini-enrollment from August 15 to September 15 to allow the additional coverage for a dependant child up to 26 years of age.
  • c. Current plan allowed children up to age 23 if they were full time students, or up to age 25 if they lived in the state and you provided for them. You were required to prove this information.
  • d. All requirements have been lifted:

1. No requirement for school verification

2. No longer have to prove they live with you

3. If they were married or not

  • e. Domestic partners would have been covered until December 31st, but a lawsuit was filed and now coverage will be extended until the lawsuit is settled.
  • 1. Same-sex partners will be covered past December 31st.
  • 2. Opposite-sex partners will have coverage stop starting January 1st.
  • f. Rates from October to December will not change.
  • 1. PPO plans will not have to pay further deductibles for this time period.
  • g. Dental plans:
  • 1. Delta – There will be changes
  • 2. TDA plan – No changes
  • h. Rates are going to increase January 1st.
  • 1. Single increase .46 per payday
  • 2. Family with 1 dependent $ 10.15 per payday
  • 3. Family with plus 1 dependant $19.87 payday
  • 4. Retired members have to absorb the whole increase.
  • i. New rates are on the website.
  • j. Flex Spending Accounts – Money has to be used or starting January 1st money is lost.
  • k. New plans starting January 1st
  • 1. Open enrollment in November for 2 weeks
  • 2. More locations for open enrollment will be available: 2 in Tucson, 3 in Phoenix, & 1 in Flagstaff
  • 3. No changes to the vendors
  • 4. No requirements to enroll unless there are changes you need to make to your plan/coverage.
  • 5. Updated training will be given to the benefit coordinators of each employer.
  • 6. All restrictions on lifetime maximums will be removed.
  • a. PPO’s have a $2 million max which will be removed.
  • 7. Dollar amount limits will be removed.
  • 8. Flex Spending Accounts
  • a. Over the counter drugs will not be covered only prescription drugs for reimbursement.

If you have any questions please contact Karen Battling at 602-542-1714 or

EXECUTIVE STAFF: Lt. Col. Jeff Stanhope

“I was at a meeting recently I do want to mention, there was a question that came up which I thought was very pertinent to the times that we are in.  There was an employee and this was a young officer to the agency, and the question was can I ‘offer any assurance or guarantees of what is going to happen in the future?’  The Short answer is no.  His concern was based on, because I guess, some of our young officers are looking for opportunities elsewhere, or hearing about opportunities elsewhere.  And, this officer likes DPS and wants to stay but he is also aware of the fact that we are in some budget challenges not only now but in the future.  And despite the fact that that there is assurances that we are trying to save officer’s jobs, there are no guarantees.  So his question was ‘if I had an opportunity elsewhere, should I take it?’  And I think that it is a relevant question in that we can’t answer that.  I certainly cannot.  Everyone has to decide for themselves where they want to take those opportunities if they are available. Especially if you are young within the agency.  Now the philosophy has not changed,

the Director or any of the Executive Staff do not want to layoff officers.  That is the primary focus, to maintain officers with DPS.  But with that being said, we cannot offer any guarantees.  Because frankly we just don’t know.   We are going to make the best of the situation as we can but I cannot assure anyone anything at this point in time. Because frankly we don’t know.

Member Question – Why are the shotguns being taken away?

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. Proposal by Bud Clark that the agency was looking at and evaluating.
  • b. Shotgun issue was a point under discussion.
  • c. We are going to go forward buying, as money allows, buy the AR-15’s or whatever is out there.
  • d. The shot guns are a platform that is going away.
  • e. We don’t want to support two different platforms.
  • f. It was felt like the long rifle platform was a better tool for our officers.

Member Comment – “I am making a traffic stop on I-17 and 59th avenue and I am better off with an AR-15 than I am with a shotgun.  That makes no sense to me.  A shot gun round is not going as far and I think that sometimes with our department we try to put the whole department into one big bubble and everybody needs this.  The guys in the outlying areas, and I have never worked there, they may need the AR.  I don’t need an AR working I-10, I-17, 51, 202  because if I miss the round can go a lot further than that shot gun round will.  The guys on the street, they don’t understand.”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. Bottom line is we have to take a look at the totality. Not only the focus of the employees but also what we believe is going to be best served to our officers out there.
  • b. What we can duly afford budget wise.

Discussion was held concerning communications & perceptions:

Member Comment – “The perception is they think you guys don’t listen to us at all.  You hear what we are saying but you don’t act on it.  It’s like you don’t really care. That is the perception out there with this current administration.  People come and listen but nothing happens.  We aren’t involved in anything.  We brought up issues about the layoffs, made suggestions about the furloughs, looked at the day-by-day how that happened.  The Director did not really listen on that so, the reality is one thing but the perception is that this administration doesn’t really care about what we said.  Did not listen to us. Just like you said earlier, you may not agree with us. I don’t think you have agreed with anything that the association has done or suggested.  That is the perception.”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. There is no way that I can sit here and tell you that you and I are going to agree on everything.
  • b. To the issues of not listening or not acting on information, that the executive staff somehow doesn’t care, I don’t own any of that.
  • c. I have been here twenty six years because I do care.
  • d. And the fact that you can say that perception is out there, I can go out there and talk to a number of other people and they don’t have that perception at all.

Member Question – “The Director and Assistant Director sent out a meeting notice with Air Rescue to meet with all the sheriffs’ offices, police departments, and fire services, everybody that uses Air Rescue, to get their thoughts about shutting down in the northern part of the state.  They went to one meeting and blew off the other two.  This made DPS look bad when our management sets up meetings and then they do not even show up.

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. When we look at budget revisions everything is on the table.
  • b. Air Rescue, the rotary wing was something that was discussed that’s on the table.
  • c. Since those discussions and since some of the conversations that the Director’s had with our safe holders or clients outside of DPS I think that the feeling is that is no longer a viable option.
  • d. As far as doing away with the rotary wing totally, my understanding is that because the lack of personnel.
  • e. There might be or there will probably be some type of consolidation.
  • f. Both Phoenix and Tucson have both rotary wing response units.
  • g. We don’t have the on-duty staff.
  • h. There is an idea of consolidating and our responses will be directed out of Phoenix and Tucson.
  • i. There is a lot of moving parts to that issue.

Member Comment – It is going to be an hour to get up to the northern part of the state, and that’s too long.

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. Do not know if there is an easy answer to that.
  • b. We are hiring analysts from the HITTA budget.
  • c. Not hiring a pilot.
  • d. Don’t know if we can hire pilots anyway at the current pay scale.
  • e. Not going to be resolved anytime soon with our budget challenges.
  • f. You could make that argument for any classification within the agency whether we downsize or eliminate.
  • g. Everyone has value but we haven’t made any decisions on what can conceivably be maintained as a service.

Member Question – Has the department been told what the amount of money we will have to turn in at the end of this year?

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated

  • a. There is no information that anyone has told the Director that we have to revert $5 or $10 million dollars.
  • b. Nothing like that has been decided as of yet.
  • c. We probably won’t know until after the first quarter revenues are evaluated and where we are at on that as far as a state.
  • d. Would anticipate after those, reference numbers should come in I think in late or mid-October guesstimate short before the election.
  • e. Don’t know if there will be anything put out until after the elections but we will know something once the end of first quarter numbers come in.
  • f. We are thinking about what we can conceivably maintain as far as the surface level.
  • g. In CI I can tell you that I have looked at the entire division and I look at what can I consolidate and it’s not different than what I’ve told you all along.
  • h. Consolidations, when people leave especially in supervisor ranks we are looking to consolidate those.
  • i. This will save personnel service some money.
  • j. If there is another reversal I don’t want to have to push people out on patrol.
  • k. I want to save as much money as I can internally and meet any reverse obligations.
  • l. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.
  • m. The best that I can do for all of you and for this agency is to make the most competent decisions possible from, I guess, my vantage point.
  • n. I don’t try and make decisions on squads or districts.
  • o. I look at the totality of the agency within law enforcement.
  • p. We have to look at everything, keeping everything in perspective, and weighting the information when we have the time.
  • q. We take our jobs very seriously and this is one of the worst times in DPS history as far as fiscally.

Discussion was held on the furloughs:

Member Comment – “It was our opinion on how to do it where we involved everyone in the department.  We don’t like picking on different groups I guess like we actually did on remote duty pay and all this other stuff where we picked on certain groups instead of everybody in the department.  Now I think that more people would agree that taking the 5% pay cut was not a good idea because everyone knows that when you take a pay cut, your are never going to get that back.  But the furlough was a temporary issue, so yeah we can go with the furlough and that option was never really brought up to the people or again it might have been a time issue.  I think that a majority of the people, not everyone in this department, but a majority of the people, let’s take a furlough, everybody take a furlough day or six furlough days, or whatever it would have taken to save some of these jobs, save some of emotions that we have.  How much controversy that’s causing right now.”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. Conversations that were held in the Director’s office when we were round-tabling that idea.
  • b. There was a time issue on that. We had to do something or make a decision quickly.
  • c. All I can do is offer my counsel, what my suggestion is.
  • d. As are the other people at the table offer those suggestions.
  • e. We all have different perspectives.
  • f. Ultimately someone has to make the decisions.
  • g. That is the Director’s responsibility to make that final decision.
  • h. He takes all the information that he has from everybody from this group and all the information that he has available to him to make that decision.
  • i. He made the decision which we ended up with, which was exempt the sworn, dispatchers, and the IT folks.

Discussion was held on the RIFs:

Member Comment – “There is a big divide in the department now because why these guys needed to be demoted.  Why didn’t we just spread this out and do it over attrition or something like that.

The Merit System Council said nope, DPS, you are wrong you can’t demote these people. Then you keep fighting the issue then that looks like it could be personal.  That’s the perception.”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. We were under a mandate to re-org the agency. And names were not a part of the re-org.
  • b. Going from 4 divisions down to 3 divisions.
  • c. In CI, I had to look at how many bureau commanders did I actually need after I consolidated.
  • d. I started with blank boxes. I ended up with three bureau commanders which was the maximum number I needed.
  • e. Under them are district commanders which are captains.
  • f. Those are blanks that were filled in.
  • g. Using the list that Jeff Raynor gave us as far as the points sheets.
  • h. Starting from the top with the senior most and you plug those people in.
  • i. At some point there are not boxes left to fill.
  • j. That is who ended up being RIFed.
  • k. It wasn’t personal; there were no names attached to it.
  • l. There was cost savings attached to that.
  • m. The Director allowed the captains to get off probation so there would be a re-appointment list.
  • n. If you look at the DROPS list, you know that within the next list five years, everyone of those people will be reappointed to their former classification.
  • o. Governor’s Office did not want Director Vanderpool to promote those four lieutenants.
  • p. None of our positions have changed. Just because the Merit System has taken the stance they have.
  • q. We believe that was the right thing to do.

Member Question – “We obviously don’t have money for vehicles.  Have you heard about taking them in at 90,000 miles, replacing the transmission and upholstery and sending them back out for another 90?”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. He has not heard that.
  • b. DPS has not bought vehicles in the past two years.
  • c. The vehicle budget was swept 7 million in last 2 years.
  • d. Highway patrol has no money to buy vehicles.
  • e. Patrol will have vehicles routinely probably in 12 months with 150,000+ miles.
  • f. If replacing an engine and the upholstery and are cost effective that is something that we have to do.

Member Question – “There is a northern armory position where the current employee is retiring and the position is being filed with a sergeant.  There is concern with the span of control and a few other issues.  Why was that done?”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. You are talking about Dave Springstun.
  • b. We had an extra sergeant floating around up there for whatever reason.
  • c. The idea was not to, as much as possible, not to displace people geographically as far as we can.
  • d. We certainly would start down in Phoenix, but I guess we are six down in patrol in Phoenix.
  • e. Department does not want to have to force people to move.

Member Comment – “In Flag we have two sergeants supervising three squads.  But obviously at the same time that they did that, there intent was to hire him back at civilian position for the same armory position.”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. We still the moratorium on hiring people except for certain positions like analysts.
  • b. We can’t hire officers.
  • c. Unless they have exemptions from DOA.
  • d. There would be some challenges to being able to pull that off.

Member Question – “There is a CVEB position in Holbrook, where the Fed’s pickup 80% of that salary.  Why we are not filled this position or other positions in the department by having the salaries picked up by someone else?”

President Jimmy Chavez – “The question is there is a vacant position in Holbrook that is grant funded. And why have we not put anyone in that position to save the agency personnel service money?  District 3 patrol does not have anybody to let go to fill that position.”

Member Question – “Has the department approached task force agencies and told them we are unable to pay their salaries?”

Lt. Col. Stanhope said, “No.”

Member Comment – “So we are DPS firing employees before we release non-DPS Task Force members?”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. We haven’t approached other agencies to have that discussion yet because frankly we haven’t had the need to have that discussion.
  • b. We don’t know what the budget it.
  • c. But if at some point there comes a point that we have to do that certainly that that then we’ll have that discussion.
  • d. We are going to maintain our folks before we maintain outside agency folks.
  • e. ATI have received notice last week that ATV is pulling out of ATI.
  • f. That is going to create a sergeant opening because we have a Phoenix PD sergeant currently in ATI plus 1-2 detectives.
  • g. My intention is to fill that with a DPS sergeant so that’s kind of my perspective on that.
  • h. Will do everything that we can to save our folks jobs.

Member Question – “There is currently understaffing in motor carrier division. There were no highway patrolmen available to be taken off the road to fill those positions so are they going to use CI people?”

Lt. Col. Stanhope stated:

  • a. No, not as far as moving CI folks to motor carriers.
  • b. All offers on the table.
  • c. If we end up with a 20 million dollar reversion or huge revision.
  • d. There may come a point in time that we do end up laying off officers.
  • e. I may have to push people out of CI and back into patrol to maintain service.
  • f. Because patrol is one of our core functions.
  • g. Trying to maintain service levels where they are.
  • h. We will consolidate supervisors if at all possible to consolidate patrol.
  • i. Try to maintain service levels as they are today.

Discussion was held about GIITEM & ACTIC staffing and funding.

Discussion was held concerning the Department’s role assisting Capitol Police during the protests at the Capitol.


Portfolio is mixed; we are still defensive in our investments.  Right now there is $825 billion debt in credit cards in the nation.

GUEST SPEAKER: Captain Larry Perry

  • 1. Department has an identity problem, and has had this problem since the Department was formed in 1969.
  • 2. Wrote an article for the Association magazine titled, “What is DPS, are you like a Law Enforcement Agency or something?” (July 1st, 2009).
  • 3. In most states DPS stands for Emergency Services.
  • 4. Reference
  • 5. Confusion about our badge, questions of who we are.
  • 6. Recommendations to the Department:
  • a. Call DPS for what it is
  • b. Update/redesign shoulder patch & uniform.
  • c. Change to State Patrol, State Police, or Highway Patrol.
  • 7. Requesting support to correct our name/identify issue, redesign shoulder patch.

Deputy Director Steve Campbell stated:

  • a. The main focus that we have right now is trying to preserve the agency as much as we can as where it is today.

b. We are going to try and continue to try to make sure

communication lines open up.

  • b. There are opportunities, not so much at the executive level or middle management, to re-enforce some of the communication aspects of all levels of the agency.
  • c. Organization that is state wide presents itself in a whole lot of different challenges.
  • d. The use of technology by holding staff meetings instead of having to travel to one location.
  • e. This takes a lot of valuable time.
  • f. Looking at the cost.
  • g. ADOT has some facilities throughout the state, and we have some meetings coming up with them to see if we join in on some of their systems so that we can stop worrying about coming to Phoenix.

Member Question – “In reference to our stakeholder meetings we were going to have in the northern part of the state.  The Director set up these meetings, meet with all these people and then two of the three meetings he didn’t show up.  Now, he went to the Kingman one, did not make it to the Prescott one, did not make the one in Flagstaff.”

Deputy Director Campbell stated:

a. I was not part of those meetings.

b. I will take that back to the Director and try and            get back with an answer to you.

c. We should show our respect by showing up.

Member Question – “A few months ago the question came up about shotguns.  Now in the last week or so, we find out they are being taken away.  It has caused a lot of corrns why we are taking away a tool from the troops in the field?”

Deputy Director Campbell stated:

  • a. There was a presentation to the executive staff

about going to a single weapon system.

  • b. In regards to shot gun or rifle, the discussion came down to cost, recertification, and number of weapons.
  • c. Not annual but quarterly qualifications or shoots.
  • d. The amount of time and money to fix weapons.


Issues with LEMSC:

  • 1. Grievance filled by pilots on special duty pay (SDA’s) instead of base salary rate. Hearing in October.
  • 2. Department appealed 1st LEMSC ruling on RIF’s to Superior Court. Ruling should be out soon.
  • 3. Appeal on civilian employee not “Fit for Duty”.
  • 4. There are three categories of the RIF’s; the next hearing is on September 8th.
  • h. Sworn employees who were demoted.
  • i. Civilian employees who were demoted.
  • j. Civilian employees who were laid off.
  • 5. Department must show RIF’s were necessary.
  • 6. Full time employees vs. part-time employees being laid off.
  • 7. There is a concern that the LEMSC Board only has two members right now to vote (due to a vacancy). A tie means no action is taken and the Director’s decision stands.
  • 8. Appellants can ask courts to intervene if there is a tie or have another member appointed ASAP.

LEGAL REPORT: Greg Robinson

Reported on three issues:

  • 1) Default judgment on Brian Van Dusen was given. Moving forward on garnishment of his wages for the outstanding loan from the AHPA.
  • 2) Arizona Corporation Commission returned confirmation on our requested name change to the Arizona Highway Patrol Association.
  • 3) Reviewed ARS §990 form from our accountants in reference to AHPA charities.


General Checking:                $  143,453.85

Savings:                         $   56,954.99

Merchandise:                     $    8,567.23

Bass:                            $    1,937.98

Rodeo:                           $   14,743.62

Golf:                            $   16,842.02

Raffle:                          $   52,236.86

Charities:                       $   14,746.60

PAC                              $    8,613.39

Heber – AHPA Cabin               $    2,156.72

Merrill Lynch                    $  420,495.00

Monument Account                 $   10,568.00

Snedaker Account (Originally)    $   40,084.00

(Remaining)     $   16,467.24

Funding Requests (Budgeted)      $    5,000.00


July 2010                                 0.00

August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                  0.00

January                                   0.00

February                                  0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $ 5,000.00

Sick & Distressed (Budgeted)     $    4,000.00


July 2010                                 0.00

August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                  0.00

January                                   0.00

February                                  0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

Balance                             $ 4,000.00

Donation: None

On August 17th the Association will be changing financial banking institution from Bank of America.


New two pens are in, cost is $7.00 each

Fleece jackets are going to be ordered for winter.


Retiree Coalition meeting will be on September 8th at 1000 hrs.


Mark Haughey & Bob Gilbert attended the Western States Conference at the end of April, here is their report:

Alaska – Has collective bargaining

California –

  • 1. 99% membership, sworn only
  • 2. can join after 5 years
  • 3. health benefit trust
  • 4. have had 5% & 15% cuts to the department
  • 5. $40 billion deficit

Colorado –

  • 1. Budget issues
  • 2. moved from step pay to performance pay
  • 3. furloughs
  • 1. 8 so far, 3 to go, 9 more total
  • 2. 46% of department exempted
  • 4. 2.5% pay reduction
  • 5. increased contributions
  • 6. 62% membership

Montana –

  • 1. Economic downturn
  • 2. no furloughs
  • 3. had parity with matrix for pay
  • 4. no lost positions
  • 5. computer generated citations & reports

Oregon –

  • 1. 690 members with 400 sworn
  • 2. 14 furloughs
  • 3. 12 month step freeze
  • 4. getting funding for 129 new positions
  • 5. only paid for filled positions
  • 6. lost $5 million out of the budget
  • 7. allowed to use leave up to 32 hours to off set furloughs
  • 8. passed parity bill
  • 9. their association has an online store
  • 10.last in – 1st out, 3 attempts for rehire
  • 11.requires a ride along before endorsements

Utah –

  • 1. Members donate 4 hours of vacation per year to the association to allow the president to do association work full time.

Washington –

  • 1. budget same as Arizona, only 30% can be cut
  • 2. 2 year freeze
  • 3. increased tax and added state income tax
  • 4. photo radar test program
  • 5. exempt/furloughs
  • 6. state pays 88% medical
  • 7. 1077 officers
  • 8. 12.5 average years as troopers
  • 9. send rep’s to incidents
  • 10.carve out not working

Wyoming –

  • 1. Waiting for new governor
  • 2. study being done on pay


President Jimmy Chavez:

  • 1. Anyone who has an account with Verizon who needs to make changes, please call *611. Do not use the stores, they can not help you with the account we have. If you do not have an account, please use the website.
  • 2. In a meeting with Lt. Col. Hegarty, it was mentioned that the troops do not like the Safe Commute program.
  • 3. Letter was sent to Director Halliday which stated the position of the Association on RIF’s & upper management.
  • 4. President Chavez’s term as president of the Association expires next June. Anyone who would like to be considered for the president’s position, contact Colleen.

A motion was made by Pat Eagan to advertise for Fidelity Mortgage and seconded by Dave Schroder.  Motion carried.

President Chavez asked the Board for a motion to extend several expired Executive Board positions until the next meeting.  Expired terms ended on May 31, 2010. Nominations for the following positions will be taken:

Southern Vice President Kevin McNichols

Northern Vice President Mark Haughey

Vice President Bob Gilbert

Treasurer Dave Schroder

Motion made by Mike Strohmeyer, seconded by Lisa Campoy.  Motion carried.

A motion was made by Mike Strohmeyer which requested that all Air Rescue be represented by one Board member.  Motion carried.


Mark Haughey, on behalf of Jim Bee, made a motion requesting $400.00 to fund a four-person scramble golf tournament & hole sponsorship for the 11th Annual CASA charity golf tournament being held on September 18th at the Pinewood Country Club located at Munds Park.  Seconded by Pat Eagan. Motion passed.

Motion to adjourn by Dave Schroder, seconded by Nate Teel.  Motion carried.


Next meeting will be held on September 18, 2010, at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve & Conference Center located at 1431 East Dunlap, Phoenix, Arizona.   Meeting will start at 0900 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Bee, Recording Secretary

If you have any questions or concerns about any information contained within these minutes, please contact any association representative for clarification.

Article written by/or information provided by AHPA

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