The August 2008 meeting was called to order at 0900 hours by President Jimmy Chavez at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve and Reception Center located at Phoenix, Arizona.  President Chavez began the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President                         Jimmy Chavez

Executive Officer                 Pat Eagan

D-2 & Northern Vice President     Mark Haughey

D-3 & Recording Secretary         Jim Bee

District 4                        Ed Simpson

D-5 (Metro Central)               Tim Kvochick

D-7                               Raul Garcia Jr

D-8 (Proxy)                       Celina Murrieta-Gonzales

D-9 (Proxy)                       Dave Schroder

D-11                              Bert Chaney

D-12 (Proxy)                      Bill Rogers

D-13 (Metro East)                 Bill Rogers

D-14 (Proxy)                      Tim Kvochick

D-15                              Matt Rosemeyer

D-16                              John Smith

Executive Vice President

& OCI (Proxy)                     Bob Gilbert

Civilian Central Zone II (Proxy)  Betty Gallery

Civilian Southern Zone &

Southern Vice President           Celina Murrieta-Gonzales

Civilian Northern Zone (Proxy)    Celina Murrieta-Gonzales

Retired Central Zone (Proxy)      J.R. Ham

Retired Southern Zone             J.R. Ham

Retired Civilian                  Betty Gallery

Treasurer                         Dave Schroder

Asst. Treasurer

& Ring Coordinator                Beverly Fuller


Executive Secretary               Colleen Girard

Legal Counsel                     Greg Robinson

Lobbyist                          Nicole LaSlavic

Legal Services                    Jan Feltz

Insurance Advisor                 Pat Madden


Susan Snow

Gregg Girard

Bruce Flickinger


Leticia Figueroa – Verizon

Page 3


Flowers – none

Thank You Letter – Deanna Molina U of A Scholarship recipient


Gregorio Sanchez #6575

Phillip C. Harding #7003




Cheryl D. Quaintance #4795


Sworn: Marc J. Lozano #6144

Civilian: none


Rusty Ameen’s son Anthony, a Navy Corpsman attached to a Marine unit, was wounded in Afghanistan.

Joan Gump”s daughter is terminally ill.

Retiree Ralph Shartzer had knee replacement two weeks ago; his wife Joann had 5 time by-pass heart surgery.


Jill Padilla, wife of District 6 Sergeant Ron Padilla, passed away on July 28 after a long illness.

This year 69 Police Officers have died in the line of duty.  Ten Officers have died since the last meeting.

Five were killed by gunfire, one accidental

One was killed in a traffic accident

One was killed by electrocution

One was killed by vehicular assault

One was killed by assault (kicked in the neck)

One was killed in a motorcycle collision

Five were from Municipal Agencies

Two were from County Agencies

One was from a State agency (New York State Police)

One was employed by a hospital

One was from a Federal agency (Puerto Rico P.D.)

Nine were male

One was female

Page 4

1)  Police Officer Andrew Widman

Fort Meyers P.D., Florida

Age 30     Years of Service 1 year,3 months

Killed Friday, July 18, 2008


2)  Deputy Sheriff Anthony Forgione

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Age 33   Years of Service 3

Killed Tuesday, July 22, 2008


3)  Police Officer Aldo Rossi

Port Dickinson P.D., New York

Age 42     Years of Service 1 year, 3 months

Killed Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vehicular Assault

4) Trooper Shawn W. Snow

New York State Police

Age 47   Years of Service 19

Killed Sunday, August 3, 2008


5) Detective Sandra Joyce Bullock

Bushnell P.D., Flordia

Age 59    Years of Service 1 year,4 months

Killed Wednesday, August 6, 2008


6) Deputy Sheriff Dennis Compton

Colleton County Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina

Age 39    Years of Service 2

Killed Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Automobile Collision

7)  Officer Monte Ruby

CoxHealth Department of Public Safety, Missouri

Age 62     Years of Service 15

Killed Wednesday, August 6, 2008


8) Agent Osvaldo Gonzalez-Ortiz

Puerto Rico P.D., Puerto Rico

Age N/A     Years of Service 12

Killed Thursday August 7, 2008

Gunfire (Accidental)

9) Detective Michael Smith Phillips

Virginia Beach P.D., Virginia

Page 5

Age 37     Years of Service 9

Killed Thursday, August 7, 2008


10) Lieutenant Robert Curry

Gulfport P.D., Mississippi

Age 39     Years of Service 14

Killed Thursday, August 14, 2008

Motorcycle Collision

For more information on these officers, refer to www.odmp

[Officer Down Memorial Page])



Seat New Board Members & Proxies

Correction to July Minutes: Last month it was reported that Retired Officer Lloyd Robertson, badge #17 passed away on June 30th.  Minutes should have stated Former Department of Public Safety Director Lloyd Robertson.

Motion from Dave Schroder, seconded by Mark Haughey to accept the consent agenda.  Motion Passed.


Pat Madden advised the Board on an update on the Health Insurance carve-out.  Also presented to the Board was a long term care insurance individual monthly premium comparison.  (Information posted on website)


Website Committee:

a)  Raffle information added

b)  Information on Benefits added

c)  Password section deleted

d)  Search key section moved to new location

Membership Committee:

a)  Working on Associate Member brochure

b)  Working on State Fair projects


Tim Kvochick addressed the Board on several items:

1) Attended ICAP conference, approximately $400.00 sold in


2) Inventory will be given to accountants

Page 6


Leticia Figueroa addressed the Board on our current membership account and benefits to our members.


General Checking:                $  184,588.46

Savings:                         $   56,463.18

Merchandise:                     $   8,588.60

Bass:                            $    1,749.11

Rodeo:                           $    7,690.55

Golf:                            $   26,467.31

Raffle:                          $   68,917.24

Charities:                       $   16,849.60

PAC:                             $   29,000.41

Heber – AHPA Cabin               $    1,483.18

Merrill Lynch                    $  433,626.00

Monument Account                 $   14,691.00

Snedaker Account (Originally)    $   40,084.00

(July 2008 $ 3,316.76 given to

sick & distressed members)

(Remaining)     $   17,467.24

Funding Requests (Budgeted)      $    5,000.00


July                                      0.00

August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                  0.00

January 2008                             0.00

February                                 0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

June                                      0.00

Balance                             $ 5,000.00

Sick & Distressed (Budgeted)     $    4,000.00


July                                      0.00

August                                    0.00

September                                 0.00

October                                   0.00

November                                  0.00

December                                  0.00

January 2008                             0.00

Page 7

February                                 0.00

March                                     0.00

April                                     0.00

May                                       0.00

June                                      0.00

Balance                             $ 4,000.00


$100.00 anonymous donor after reading article printed in Yuma Sun Newspaper-regarding a kind & conscientious DPS Officer.

$25.00 C-34 assisted by Sgt. Jeff Eavenson #4492

$30.00 C-34 (Two) assisted by Sgt. Jim Stanton #3435

$ 2.00 C-34 Officer #6342

$20.00 From Trudy Rosavich after observing D08 Officer Ibarra changing a tire.


Dave Schroder addressed the Board on the changes to the Association Cabin:

a) Floor removed, found to have 3 layers of sub floor installed

b) Concrete floor will be poured this Saturday

c) Any plumbing problems will be fixed

d) Wiring upgraded

e) New security door installed where old screen door was located.

f) New roof on main house pending rain stopping


Greg Robinson reported to the Board on two issues:

1)  He had attended the executive board meeting on Leslie Nielson.

2)  Meeting with Pat Madden on Insurance carve-out plan.


Jan Feltz reported to the Board on two issues:

a)    One matter of discipline before Merit System – employee resigned prior to hearing.

b) Office responded to shooting involving Officer Raul Garcia Jr.


Colleen Girard reported to the Board that 984 tickets sold as of this date.  Colleen also wanted to post that anyone interested in the Central & Northern Retired positions PLEASE contact her prior to September 12th.  Colleen also wanted to ask anyone interested in filling in for Ernie Johnson, Retired Central Zone, until he can return, PLEASE contact her.

Page 8


President Chavez reported to the Board on the Phoenix Coyote’s hockey game set for October 25th against the Calgary Flames. Game will be the Arizona Highway patrol Association night with discounted tickets.  On January 6th, hockey game between Phoenix Coyotes against the Chicago Blackhawk’s will have a 50/50 raffle.  There are 20 tickets available for anyone interested in working the game selling raffle tickets during the intermissions.  There are also reduced tickets for family members of these workers.  25% of raffle will go towards Association charities.

Update to the Board on Leslie Nielson:

a)  He will have a relationship with the Association

b)  Script given on the Association’s history

c)  PSA’s given on the Department’s move-over law & Volunteer program.

d)  Number of scripts given to Nielson on several topics.

e)  Still photo’s taken on several topics

f)  Involvement on Christmas Bear program

Bob Gilbert addressed the Board on three issues:

1)  New plaque for the Officer Memorial wall was ordered with the Association’s memorial coin emblem.

2)  Association Pay study was presented to ASU for assignment.

3)  Les Skeldon will be giving a presentation to the Board at

next months meeting on the redaction process.

Celina Murrieta-Gonzales advised the Board that the Golf Tournament for Officer Wooley will be held on August 30th, with 30 golfers signed up so far.


President Chavez advised the Board on the Association’s 2009 agenda:

1)  Insurance carve-out

2)  Pay for sworn & civilians

3)  Improving the Redaction process for employees

4)  Adding vehicle color on vehicle registration

5)  New law for increasing penalty for A.R.S. 28-701A (Carelessly or reckless driving causing death)


President Chavez advised the Board on several issues:

a)  Proposal fom the Department in changing the wording in  Merit System Council rule R13-5-305Q, subparagraphs 1-2 & 3.  Proposed changes would:

1)  Shall allow the agency head to offer a promotional position to a candidate unless the candidate is the subject of an internal investigation.

Page 9

2)  If a candidate is the subject of an investigation, the agency may pass over the candidate and proceed to the next candidate on the list.

3)  If the passed over candidate disciplinary action does not include removal from the list, the agency shall promote the candidate and establish date of classification and back pay the candidate would have been promoted if he/she would have not been the subject of an investigation.

The Board took the position to oppose this proposal due to the proposed change being too broad & also to the fact that even if an employee is subject to an internal investigation, this does not mean the allegations have been sustained.

b)  Proposal to change A.R.S. 41-1742 to allow the Director to issue an Arizona Department of Public Safety badge with allowances to issue a Highway Patrol badge.

The Board took the position to oppose this proposal due to the history of the Highway Patrol badge being issued since 1931.  A proposal was offered to President Chavez to ask the Director to change from DPS to STATE POLICE, with the badges titled TROOPER.

c)  Photo Enforcement Policy

President Chavez advised the Board on the comments he had received about the policy on Photo enforcement from the Board members:

1)  The policy should be equal to both sworn & civilians

responding to Department calls in Department vehicles.

2)  Officer safety issue – Officers should not be worried about being cited when doing their job/responding to calls, overtaking traffic violations vehicles.

3)  Anyone outside the Department policy, their supervisor should investigate why.


Celina Murrieta-Gonzales made a motion to fund $313.00 for the purpose of buying a firearm for the Arizona Homicide Investigators raffle.  Motion seconded by Dave Schroder.  Motion carried.

Jim Bee made a motion to fund $400.00 towards the Citizens Against Substance Abuse (CASA) golf tournament being held in Williams on September 6th.  The Association has supported this tournament for a number of years.  Motion seconded by Celina Murrieta-Gonzales.  Motion carried.

Tim Kvochick advised the Board he would like to set up an account on E-Bay to allow the selling of the Association merchandise. The Board approved with no motion required.

Jim Bee made a motion to have the Association purchase a State of Arizona flag to be given to the Honor Guard when they attended out-of-state officer memorial services to be presented to the family.  Motion seconded by Pat Eagan.  Motion failed after hand vote 5-7-2.

Jim Bee made a motion to have the Association adopt a policy which would require anyone asking for our endorsement in running for political office/position to participate in a ride-along for a minimum of 3 hours.  Exceptions would be made at the approval

Page 10

of the Association’s President.  Motion seconded by Mark Haughey.  Motion carried.



Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 at Mountain Preserve Reception Center, Phoenix, Arizona.   Meeting will start at 0900 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Bee, Recording Secretary

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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