August 15, 2007

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT                        Page 2
AHPA STAFF PRESENT                           Page 2
MEMBERS PRESENT                              Page 2

GUESTS PRESENT                               Page 2

THANK YOU NOTES / FLOWERS                    Page 2

NEW SWORN MEMBERS                            Page 2

MEMBERS WHO HAVE RETIRED                     Page 2

MEMBERS WHO HAVE LEFT DPS                    Page 3

DEATHS – LINE OF DUTY/FAMILY                 Page 3

CONSENT AGENDA                               Page 5

LABOR REPORT                                 Page 5

LEGAL REPORT                                 Page 5

TREASURER REPORT                             Page 5

RAFFLE REPORT                                Page 6

RODEO REPORT                                 Page 6


PAST PRESIDENT – ANDY SWANN                       Page 6


NEW BUSINESS                                 Page 7

REQUEST FOR FUNDING                          Page 7

NEXT MEETING                                 Page 7

Page 2

The meeting was called to order at 0900 hours by President Jimmy Chavez at the MTBA building located at University & 32nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona.  President Chavez led the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


President Jimmy Chavez; Immediate Past President Andy Swann; Executive Officer Pat Eagan; D-2 & Northern Vice President Mark Haughey; D-3 & Recording Secretary Jim Bee; D-5 (Metro Central)(Proxy) Pat Eagan; D-7 Raul Garcia Jr; D-9 Robby Craig; D-11 Bert Cheney; D-12 (Proxy) Mark Haughey; D-13 (Metro East) (Proxy) Pat Eagan; D-15 Mike McCall; Northern/Western Air Rescue (Proxy) Mark Haughey; OCI & Executive Vice President (Proxy) Dave Schroder; OCN II & Southern CI John Eccles; Retired Northern Zone (Proxy) J.R. Ham; Retired Central Zone (Proxy) J.R. Ham; Retired Southern Zone (Proxy) J.R. Ham; Civilian Central Zone I (Proxy) Vicki Williams; Civilian Zone II Vicki Williams; Civilian Southern Zone & Southern Vice President Celina Murrieta Gonzales; Civilian Northern Zone (Proxy) Celina Murrieta Gonzales; Retired Civilian Betty Gallery; Treasurer Dave Schroder.


Executive Secretary – Colleen Girard

Legal Counsel – Greg Robinson

Legal Services – Janet Feltz

Anthony Coury

Lobbyist – Nicole LaSlavic


Gregg Girard

Scott Dodd


Flowers – Bertie Stratman

Jan Bell, (Director Vanderpool Mother)

Thank You Letters – Bill Cramer Family

Steve Costello


Seth A. Turken #6799

Benjamin T. Auer #6889

Leon J. Howerton #6991


Terry W. Conner #929

Ray Buttes #972

R. Steve Pferdeort #2080

Cynthia J. Pellien #2141

Mario V. Ortega #3312

Patrick P. Huerta #4188

Kelly L. Rossi #4368

Page 3


Sworn: None
Civilian: None


Bertie Streetman, passed away on July 24, 2007.  Mrs. Stratman was the mother of DPS Officer/Paramedic Rick Stratman #1622, who died in the line of duty on 10-02-1983 in a helicopter crash in Marana.

Director Roger Vanderpool’s mother, Mrs. Jan Bell, passed away on July 29, 2007.

Office Coordinator Bobbi Gilchrist, Highway Patrol Division, father passed away on August 3, 2007.

Retired Sworn Harlan R. Jones, Badge #404, passed away on August 8, 2207.  Mr. Harlan was the father of Retired Sgt. Lloyd Jones, Badge #2379.

Phoenix Police Department Officer George Cortez Jr, was killed in the line of duty on July 27, 2007.

Since the first of the year there have been 114 Police Officers killed in the line of duty nationally.  Eleven Officers have died since the last meeting.

Four were killed by gunfire

Two were killed in automobile collisions

One was intentionally by a vehicle while deploying stop sticks

Two were killed during a vehicle pursuit

One died due to heat exhaustion

One died from a heart attack

Six were from Municipal Agencies

Two were from County Agencies

One was from a State Agency, California Highway Patrol

Two were from Federal Agencies; One was a Border Patrol Agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  One was a Special Agent with the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives.

Ten were male

One was female

1)  Border Patrol Agent Eric N. Cabral

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Age 31     Years of Service 1

Page 4

Killed Thursday, July 26, 2007

Heat Exhaustion

2)  Police Officer George Valentio Cortez Jr.

Phoenix P.D. Arizona

Age 23     Years of Service 4

Killed Friday, July 27, 2007


3)  Officer Douglas Scott Russell

California Highway Patrol

Age 46     Years of Service 22

Killed Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Vehicular Assault

4) Special Agent Kimberly D. Place

U.S. Department of Justice – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,

Firearms & Explosives

Age 43    Years of Service N/A

Killed Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Traffic Collision

5) Chief of Police David Gerald Richard

Port Barre P.D., Louisiana

Age 54     Years of Service 30

Killed Sunday, August 5, 2007

Vehicle Pursuit

6) Auxiliary Sergeant Stephen Bollinger

Franklin County Sheriff’s Department

Age 58     Years of Service 27

Killed Sunday, August 5, 2007

Automobile Collision

7)  Detective Charles (Chuck) Wilson

Bastrop P.D., Louisiana

Age 34     Years of Service 11

Killed Friday, August 10, 2007


8) Detective John Smith

Bastrop P.D., Louisiana

Age 40     Years of Service 18

Killed Friday, August 10, 2007


9) Sergeant Christopher Reyka

Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Age 51     Years of Service 18

Killed Friday, August 10, 2007

Page 5


10) Officer Benjamin Wilcher

Gary P.D., Indiana

Age 28     Years of Service 3

Killed Sunday, August 12, 2007

Vehicle Pursuit

11) Deputy Chief George (Bill) Stanford

Cheyenne P.D., Wyoming

Age 45    Years of Service 22

Killed Monday, August 13, 2007

Heart Attack

For more information on these officers, refer to www.odmp

[Officer Down Memorial Page])



Last Month’s Minutes

Seat Proxies

Motion from Dave Schroder, seconded by Robby Craig to accept the consent agenda.  Motion Passed


Jan Feltz reported that there was 1 civilian complaint being handled by their office.


Greg Robinson reported on the following matters:

1)   Received a telephone call in reference to the lawsuit filed in justice court on a non-paid member loan.  Payment is pending.

2)   There is a second lawsuit pending on a 2nd out-standing loan.

3)   Annual report pending to the Arizona Corp Commission.


General Checking:                $  139,238.45
Savings:                         $    6,015.60
Merchandise:                     $   17,773.06

Bass:                            $    1,636.13

Rodeo:                           $    4,090.52

Golf:                            $   28,113.48

Raffle:                          $   61,043.44

Charities:                       $   20,779.60

PAC:                             $   32,130.43

Merrill Lynch                    $  471,685.00

Page 6

Monument Account                 $   14,092.00

Snedaker Account (Originally)    $   40,084.00

(Remaining)     $   21,784.00

Funding Requests (Budgeted)      $    5,000.00

July Expenditures                         0.00

Sick & Distressed (Budgeted)     $    4,000.00

July Expenditures                         0.00

Western Air Rescue (Donation)    $     1000.00

May (2007)                       $      435.00

Balance                          $      565.00

The Association received a $25.00 donation from Donald Mower for deceased Officer David Cornelius.


Discussion was held in changing the 1st prize from going towards a vehicle to a possible cash payout for remodeling your house.


Celina advised the Board that the November meeting being held in Tucson due to the Rodeo, will be held on November 10th & 11th.  Rooms will be at the Holiday Inn, for $65.00 per night.  Telephone number is 520-746-1161.  T-shirt design was awarded to two submitted entries.  This year the committee will be sending the family of Officer James Keaton #310, back to Washington D.C.


Lisa Bertram gave a presentation to the Board on Farmer’s Insurance.  This would give members a 2nd choice on insurance besides California Casualty.


President Swann addressed the Board on the 2007 Legislative session and an review on bills submitted by the Association.

1)  Pay for all employees – Sworn employees were to receive $670.000 from the Pay parity Fund.  The Association lobbied to have $2 million added from the General Fund.  The Legislature restricted the General Fund money to increase Officer’s only.  Civilian pay was increased by 3% with .25% as performance pay.

2)  Retiree Heath Care – Rep. Konopnicki ran a bill to extend the rural subsidy.  Bill did not pass.  Sen. O’Halleran ran a bill and was signed by the Governor to extend the subsity to June 30, 2009.

Page 7

3)  Dispatchers to CORP – Bill sponsored by Rep. McClure passed the House, but stalled in the Senate when the chairman of the Senate Retirement committee declined to have a hearing.

4)  ID Required for Registering Vehicles – Rep. Pearce sponsored a bill, passed the House, but never heard in the Senate.

5)  Industrial Injury Leave – Sen. O’Halleran sponsored a bill and signed into law.

6)  ASRS Retirement Contributions – Rep. McClure declined to allow a statutory cap.

7)  Tuition for DPS Employees – Sen. O’Halleran introduced a bill that would provide a tuition waiver scholarship.  Universities were opposed.  Bill passed our of the Senate Higer Ed committee, but no further.

8)  HOV Exemption for Emergency Vehicles – We agreed to support this bill, but no bill was introduced.

9)  DPS Badge – We agreed to support our Agency in certain areas of law pertaining to the DPS Badge.  We opposed any change in the wording on the Badge.  Rep. Miranda sponsored a bill allowed an officer to purchase his/her badge who promotes/retires or separates.  Bill also created a class 1 misdemeanor for unlawful use of a DPS badge.  Bill signed into law.

10)Prohibition of DVD players in view of drivers – Rep. Nelson & Sen. Gould sponsored bills which were never heard.

11)Prohibition of license plate covers – No sponsor or bill

12)Meet & Confer Fix – Sen. Gray sponsored a bill but later declined to hear it due to the inability of all parties to come to an agreement.


President Chavez, Pat Eagan, Dave Schroder, Bob Gilbert & Tim Kvochick took a trip up to the property to look at the cabin and the lot for sale.  Based upon their inspection, discussion was held in regards to replacing the cabin with a new building, due to the amount of repairs needed.  A committee was formed to look into the cost of cabin replacement, consisting of Dave Robinson, Pat Eagan, Robbie Craig, & Dave Schroder.


President Chavez addressed the Board on several issues:

1.  Wants to form a committee to look at possible winners of the Skip Fink & Mary Bowman awards.  Mike McCall & Vicki Williams volunteered.

2.  Advised the Board that the NTC meeting being held in Maine, would like the Association to re-join.  President Chavez wanted to send two Board members back to attend the meeting to look into rejoining.

Page 7

Motion was made by Jim Bee, 2nd by Bert Cheney to fund two members to go back to the NTC meeting.  Motion Passed.  Pat Eagan volunteered to go.

3.  Would like to increase the amount of dues being paid into PAC.  This would start increasing the amount of money available to fight the changes in our Retirement Systems.

Dave Schroder was asked to work up due amounts and make

a report at next meeting.

4.  APA is conducting a pay survey on all positions held by our employees.  President Chavez asked that we assist the APA with this cost.  Motion made by Pat Eagan, 2nd by Robbie Craig to fund $1000.00.  Motion Passed

Dave Schroder addressed the Board on the proposed Association logo change.  There were two possible choices:

1.    Change the logo to match the wording

2.    Change the wording to match the logo

Motion made by John Eccles, 2nd by Bert Cheney to change the wording from Associated Highway Patrolman of Arizona to Arizona Highway Patrol Association.  Motion Passed.


Scott Dodd from Casa Grande CI, addressed the Board in reference for a request for funding.  Scott asked the Board to fund a youth football team traveling to Las Vegas for a tournament during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Motion made by Pat Egan to fund $1000.00, seconded by Mark Haughty.  Motion Passed.

President Chavez on behalf of Bill Rogers, Badge 6208, was requesting $100.00 for his son’s football team.  Motion made by Robbie Craig, 2nd by J.R. Ham.  Motion Failed.

Motion made by Jim Bee to fund Halloween Bags to be purchased by the Association to be given out in the State.  2nd by John Eccles.  Motion Failed.

Motion made by John Eccles to fund $450.00 towards the Arizona Homicide Conference being held in Las Vegas towards the purchase of a Remington 870 shotgun for a door prize.  2nd by Robbie Craig.  Motion Failed.




Next meeting will be held on Wednesday September 19th, 2007

at 0900 hours at the MTBA building on University & 32nd Street (I-10).

Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Bee, Recording Secretary

Article written by/or information provided by tcamos

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