AT&T and RapidDeploy formed a new relationship that enables AT&T to provide Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) access to RapidDeploy’s cloud-based Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) platform. RapidDeploy is a modern update to the dispatch solutions currently used by PSAPs.

Hosted in the cloud and browser-based, RapidDeploy’s CAD platform is designed to be cost-effective, scalable and easy to deploy, making it a viable solution for agencies of all sizes.

“AT&T has a proven track record of serving as the nation’s trusted 911 solutions provider. By working together, we can help speed public safety’s adoption of 21st century technology. We will equip public safety with the innovative and adaptable tools they deserve,” said Steve Raucher, CEO and Co-founder, RapidDeploy.

RapidDeploy’s CAD platform is built on an open-API architecture. It can be integrated with relevant and emerging data-rich sources to improve public safety’s situational awareness. For example, dispatchers can access near real-time information like closed-caption video streams or data from Internet of Things devices. These tools can help them better understand the response needed and enhance their decision making. Plus, first responders can access this rich information in the field using the RapidDeploy app or through a browser.

“With our work to deliver NextGen 911 capabilities and FirstNet, we’re leading the way in transforming emergency response from end to end,” said Alex Parker, senior vice president of State-Local Government and Education, AT&T Public Sector. “Adding RapidDeploy’s CAD to our portfolio helps us further bridge the flow of data between the public, emergency dispatchers and first responders. And that can lead to an improved public safety outcome.”

It’s important for public safety to have a reliable and highly secure connection when using a cloud-based CAD platform. AT&T has this covered, connecting PSAPs to the RapidDeploy platform using an AT&T Virtual Private Network.

First responders accessing RapidDeploy through a browser can also connect to it using FirstNet.

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